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First time; With or without a condom?

I've been with my boy for 3 months, and we were best friends for a year before that (Long story for another day) We are planning on having sex soon.... Show More

  • Vote A No, no condom his first time
  • Vote B Yes, use a condom

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  • Hmm good question. Me and my boyfriend are both virgins and he prefers to use a condom and because too for our first time. He has nothing to compare it to though. Neither do I but I have a friend who says no condom is way better. I want to make our first time together special though. And since we have no stds to worry about if he's cool with it we'll definitely be going condomless lol. So yeah. I doubt that really helps you but I thought id share my opinion since you have no answers yet. :]

What Guys Said 3

  • It's really your call. Do what's best.

  • No condom is way better. Should be better for you and for him both. Live a little. You're on BC. The only way to be perfectly 100% safe is to not have sex. You're already 99% of the way there, and you're not getting to 100%. Why make it that much harder for .5%?

  • i didn't even read ur Q and I can already say WITH condom

    cause you will get preg.

    and don't say you trust him

    cause guys are TOTALLY different when they are horny

    • If you didn't read the question you would have missed the part where she said she was on birth control and therefore her risk of getting preggo are very low even without a condom.

    • You know, certain details are important to the question... Like oral contraception.

What Girls Said 7

  • If your more comfortable using one, then use it.

  • it feels better without a condom for the guy. so I heard from my guy, but just make sure you comfortable

  • i checked condom. only for safety reasons.

    when I lost my virginity my boyfriend had been with 2 other girls before me and it didn't bother him to have a condom on.

    now we've been together for 6 months. we're both clean and I'm on the pill. (even though we shouldn't...) we don't use condoms anymore but always pull out. it feels amazing but it's better to be safe.

    every time we have sex we risk getting pregnant. even if it's just that .01%

  • i say use a condom...

    a) even safer and b) it does feel different so he may never want to use one again...

    but I don't know in the end its up to u

  • It's going to feel amazing to him the first times anyways. You should get yourself checked out before having another partner too. It's great to be safe and he will appreciate your act of selflessness. Have fun!

    • I know I'm clean because it was my other partner's first, too, but thank you so much for the concern!

      I'll assume you checked no condom?

  • I would suggest using the condom, if that's what makes you comfortable. Sex is more pleasurable for him without it, so it will be harder to get him to use one after if you start off without one.

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