Why do some guys like "buttjobs"?

I just don't understand.. My boyfriend wants to try this, but it makes me a little uncomfortable and weirded out, I don't understand why he/guys like it.

buttjob like where he sticks his thang between your butt cheeks.


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  • I'm not sure which sex act you mean.

    • Based on update:

      Because he's turned on by your ass, so being sexual with it arouses him. Because it feels pretty good - its probably the best form of dry humping in terms of how it feels for the guy.

      Because he can fantasize about having anal sex with you.

      Perhaps because its the closest you'll let him get to having anal sex with you.

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  • buttjob like where he sticks his thang between your butt cheeks?

    why does he like it because it's another way to achieve orgasm, just like oral sex or a titjob. he likes your butt, probably likes the feel and would like to get off that way

  • Do you like eating steak? Do you sometimes like eating chicken? Or pork? Or fish?

  • Are we talking about anal sex or just rubbing his **** between your cheeks?

  • If you mean he wants your tongue up his ass, being rimmed is an amazingly good feeling. Look up rim jobs and rimming on the internet for lots of advice on technique. You'd probably also like it if he did it to you.

    If you mean he wants a finger up his ass, that usually involves a prostate massage. If you don't know about the prostate, look it up. You can also look up advice on prostate massage online. Some of the most explosive orgasms I've ever had were when I was on my back with her going down on me enthusiastically and massaging my prostate at the same time. When I came, she did her best to crush my prostate and was indescribable. A primary part of a man's orgasm is when the muscles around his prostate squeeze is really hard, forcing out his ejaculate. When you assist that, it just is impossible to describe how good that feels.

  • Trying it out once is one thing, actually liking it and wantng to do it again, is up to the guy. I frankly don't like them. I just always get grossed out by it. Besides I prefer to my body in where it belongs in a womans body.. lol

  • At least it doesn't hurt...so tease the dude...

  • Meh, not particularly interested in it to be honest. I guess some guys that have an anal fixation but aren't getting anal sex might settle for a butt job.

  • well I like these things, can't explain. Similarly could you explain why you like getting licked there?

  • men have a prostate gland a little way up...it feels great if done properly, especially if you're blowing/jerking at the same time...

    its just like some girls like anal and some don't... it sounds like he's man enough to say he's up for trying it...and you never know, you might like the result you get...(just ensure he's clean)

    i mean come on-how many unhappy gay men have you seen -- they always get it in the ass, and they always smiling :) lol


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  • It simply feels good for him. It's a sex act and he achieves orgasm through it. What's there not to like?

  • You don't need to understand why. He told you he liked it so try it. If you liked something he's try it too for yiy