Is it normal to get a sore throat after swallowing cum?

I've given my boyfriend blowjobs countless times and quite a few times now I've gotten a sore throat the next day. Sometimes worse than others. I've just noticed it recently and wondered if its related, but its happened the last couple of times. I went to a dr the first couple times it happened because I had other sickness/cold symptoms but the sore throat happens a lot now and I have no other symptoms but the sore throat. I know he doesn't have any stds. We're each others firsts for everything and we haven't had sex. I deep throated him so could it just be irritating my throat? If so that's really annoying and the more I do it is it less likely to happen?



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  • A few questions: 1) Did you tell your Doctor what might be the cause of your sore throatedness? and 2) Does your boyfriend take care of the Doctor bill?

    • Yeah the doctor knows. They did quite a few throat cultures. Like chlamydia and syphilis and stuff. Everything came back negative. I don't have blisters or anything usually. Just a sore throat. It lasted a week last time though and my glands were really swollen. That's why the tested me for everything.

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  • Pics lol na jokes wow what a question. every chick iv received head from didn't get a sore throat. could be all the saliva


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  • no and it has nothing to do wit you doins that so don't worry

  • Hey I have sore throat for 1 week already and wen I wake up it starts hurting and I deep throated his dick and then he cummed in my mouth and now I am really scared