Why does he always want to go down on me?

every time I'm alone with my boyfriend he always goes down on me. I was going down on him and he said "i wanna lick you again sit on my face" so I was riding his face and he said "youre so wet and it feels so amazing!" and he kept lickin me then he said "keep going baby" and hekeep smiling and pushing me into his face I heard him mumble something I asked him what he said and he just said "nothing you are just so freaking hot and sexy babe"

My question is : why does he do this? is it normal or weird


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  • Why does he always want to go down on me?

    Possibly because it seems he one of the minority of guys that enjoy and seek giving oral rather than claim they do as well as he's also one of the minority of guys that enjoy and seek giving pleasure to his partner.

    Why does he do this?

    Probably because he enjoys giving oral- could be the taste, smell, feeling of power, feeling of submission, the position (you sitting on his face), etc.

    Is it normal or weird

    In my opinion it's weird as studies show guys tend to prefer getting pleasure not giving pleasure such as a study showing that in every age range guys generally get more oral than they give.

    Pic Summary: link

    Article on study: link

    Study: link

    • Don't believe in the study by the way I much rather give any day of the week the receive oral to me is not that great guys always say omg it's the best for me personally no punt intended IT SUCKS! :(

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    • Well you don't have to be snotty about it to me..lol you don't have to be mean I will tell you this though if you continue to be mean spirited to me just because I share my personal experiences with something I won't answer anything you question because I don't like rude people!

    • @AwesomeErich

      Quite interesting that I'm the 'rude' one when in one comment you 'insulted' me four times and I didn't insult you once. LMFAO

      Seems you may have projection issues or are hyper sensitive as nothing about my comment saying I believe studies over a single claim is being snooty, mean, mean spirited, or rude. It's being logical.

      Thanks though on not answering any of my questions as it seems you are quite passive-aggressive hostile and insulting.

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  • He does it because he really enjoys how you taste and smell down there, he knows that you enjoy having him do it to you, and he just wants to be more in touch with you... sexually.

    You should be very happy rather than being confused about why he does it.

  • Is it normal or weird? No.

    I bet most girls will say you are lucky to have a boyfriend that loves to go down on you.

  • It is normal and enjoy every moment of it:)

  • Some guys really like giving oral. I've never had the opportunity to try, but I personally think that I'd like giving as much as recieving.

  • As long as both of you enjoy doing it, does it matter?

    Do you give good blow jobs? maybe he get's more pleasure out of pleasing you than he does when you please him. I could be completely wrong though.

  • He's normal.

    You're lucky.

    Nuff said.

  • Normal. he likes what it does for you and he likes what it does for him. Lucky you.


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  • He just really enjoys giving you oral. You are so lucky! Usually guys treat it like a chore. Just enjoy it.

    If it bothers you, and you quit enjoying it every time-just say, "no babe, it's your turn" or whatever else. Maybe suggest a 69.

  • You are questioning a man that likes going down on you?! Some women surprise me smh

    But to answer your question. He likes the taste, smell, texture, sound, and view of your wet vagina.

  • It's perfectly normal. He is aroused by you.

  • Stop worrying about it and enjoy yourself. Oh, and hang onto that man!

  • He does it because he loves it. Who cares if it's normal or not? You're really lucky lol.