Squirting vs Gushing

Can anyone tell me the real difference between the two?

Just trying to see how common these are. Do women typically produce an abundance of vaginal liquid when they orgasm? Or is it more likely to be a dry orgasm?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Squirting is a projection of fluid, like a squirt gun. Gushing is a flow of fluid, like you're pouring something out of a bottle.

    They can also have different anatomical sources as well. Science doesn't have a solid answer on female ejaculation, but it's generally argued to either come from the urethra or the Skene's gland and is released in a narrow stream. Gushing can also come from these sources in the form of a flow of fluid that just runs down instead of projecting, essentially a weak squirt, but a gush can also come from the vagina itself as a flow of lubrication.

    The fluid in a squirt/ejaculation is argued to be either urine (held by dissenting views) or some secretion from the various glands in the region, but a gush from the vagina would be vaginal lubrication.

    In general, gushing is a broader term than squirting.