Squirting vs Gushing

Can anyone tell me the real difference between the two?

Just trying to see how common these are. Do women typically produce an abundance of vaginal liquid when they orgasm? Or is it more likely to be a dry orgasm?


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  • Squirting is a projection of fluid, like a squirt gun. Gushing is a flow of fluid, like you're pouring something out of a bottle.

    They can also have different anatomical sources as well. Science doesn't have a solid answer on female ejaculation, but it's generally argued to either come from the urethra or the Skene's gland and is released in a narrow stream. Gushing can also come from these sources in the form of a flow of fluid that just runs down instead of projecting, essentially a weak squirt, but a gush can also come from the vagina itself as a flow of lubrication.

    The fluid in a squirt/ejaculation is argued to be either urine (held by dissenting views) or some secretion from the various glands in the region, but a gush from the vagina would be vaginal lubrication.

    In general, gushing is a broader term than squirting.


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  • Squirting is like a shot or a spray. Gushing is when it pours out usually kinda fast.

  • I love both of them when I am having sex with a hot girl. To me there is no difference.

  • Studies on frequency of ejaculation (squirting) vary wildly, but generally suggest that about 10% of women can squirt on a regular basis, while about half of women do so on an irregular basis.

    I'm sure studies on abundant vaginal fluid have also been done, though no numbers immediately spring to mind. My suspicion is that it's more common than ejaculation though, as I think most women wouldn't confuse it with an urge to urinate and hold back as a result (a commonly reported behavior from women in the subject of ejaculation).

  • Squirting has some distance to it, like peeing. Gushing produces a lot of ejaculate as well, but it doesn't come out at anywhere near as high a velocity, so it just kind of drips down the girls thighs.

  • There's no real difference. It's just a matter of volume and pressure, which are more or less a measure of relaxed the girl is.


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  • Squirting is when you see the come or discharge flying in the air (almost like a water gun).

    Gushing, is similar to when you are squeezing ketchup out of a bottle (it runs down, it doesn't fly).

  • Gushing would be more common that squirting although both are from an orgasm. The gush is more of our sex liquid seeping out of our p****** during arousal where squirting would be more like a forceful flow like peeing (which it is sometimes)