My mother in law sent me a "naughty" pic on accident.

The other day at work I got a pic message on my phone from my mother in law. It wasn't downloading right so I texted her back and said sorry my phone won't down load it and she said "what?" I said the pic you just sent me won't download. She didn't text me back for awhile and then finally she called me and informed me that she accidentally sent me a "naughty pic" that was supposed to go to her husband. I was so confused because I didn't think she was like that first and second how did she mistake it to me when her husbands name starts with a B and mine with a S so they aren't anywhere near each other in the contact list. I told her it didn't download anyway and she told me not to tell anyone and if I did see it to forget about it. Ok so I'm a guy and I know I shouldn't have but the pic finally downloaded and I saw it she was playing with her "toy" ha weird! And then I remember my wife telling me she was suspicious of her mom texting this guy named Scott she worked with a lot and stuff started coming together. I'm Sal and he's Scott so we are pretty damn close in a contact list I would like to think. So should I say something or keep it quite? Is it even my business?

ok I have since found out that my mother in law sent my that pic on purpose to see my reaction we were having a few drinks one night together and it came up. we ended up having sex but it was only one time


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  • just to add.. I wouldn't say the 'scott' thing because you don't know it for sure. all you should tell your wife is what you for sure know. aka: your mom sent me a pic of her, which was naughty, and she later sent me a text saying it was an accident, and should have gone to her husband instead. don't tell your wife your assumptions because they will worry her unnecessarily.


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  • wow. I agree with one of the answerers, you don't know for sure. was she drunk? anyways, don't have any other evidence it was this Scott guy, so it's hard to say anything when this all could just be an 'accident'.

  • Well, maybe it wasn't your business before you got that text, but now you know something or have an idea of something that if you don't tell your wife and she finds out about this later, she's going to be insanely mad. This is about her parents, it is her business. Don't throw out the Scott right away, she'll probably put those two together on her own. Just tell her everything up until your epiphany about Scott.

  • You should tell your wife...Don't hide stuff from your wife, she won't like it

    but just tell her what happened... and subtly hint that "it's weird since my name starts with S and your dad starts with B" and leave it at that...If she needs to know, or has big suspicions, she'll clue in by herself...

    hopefully I won't put you in a big mess... lol

  • I say let it go, even if she was sending a pic to a guy other than her husband the fact of the matter is that it really isn't your business. You wife doesn't need to know everything about her mother, let the woman have some privacy in her life.

  • Ya right like I believe that and if that is true you are truly disturbed and don't deserve your wife. Leave her now so she doesn't have a lifetime of hell with you.

  • Thats too funny but yes tell your wife do not do anything besides that let your wife decide what to do.

  • tell your wife. it's her mother after all, and it's not fair for you to keep information like this about her mother. plus, if she accidentally sees your phone, she might think something is going on with you and her mother.

  • Keep it quiet. Just act like it never happened. Just think of it as a funny mistake. Her mother in law's secrets will come out soon, and you won't be in the middle of drama.

  • Not ur business

  • Yes, you should say something. Talk to your wife about this. Sounds like mom is having an affair.

  • WOW, that's a really crap bag thing for you to do. And what a piece of sh*t mother. Glad I'm not your wife.

  • I would forget about it. If asked: "I don't remember. I didn't really pay attention."

    Ignorance is bliss! Normally it is in your best interest to be as honest as possible with the love of your life. But once in a blue moon a white lie is more appropriate. You do not want to be in the middle of it all.


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  • The woman said say nothing and forget about it. Why not try that?

  • Touchy subject.

    One way you can approach this is by telling your wife. This is something that could potentially tick off the mother-in-law, and your wife might be glad you told her. Though there is a small risk she'll be upset you sat on this information until now.

    Another way you can handle this is by telling your mother-in-law that you put things together and try to convince her to make things right. Though your wife could get ticked off even more by the fact that you went to your mother-in-law first.

    You could also try talking to your father-in-law. This bypasses a lot of people and stands a chance of alienating the most amount of people. Your wife and you mother-in-law both.

    Fourth option is just sit on it and see what happens.

    • OOOOOOOOOooooooooKaaaaaay?

      You had sex with your mother in law....

      So why are you telling us?

  • I would tell your wife because you DO NOT want to keep secrets from her. But, I would just say that your mother-in-law sent you a text by accident and that's it. I WOULD NOT mention the actual pic unless your wife really starts asking about it.

  • The pic was claimed to be mistakenly sent too you, there are other possibilities, but since it was reported to be accidental and you were requested to forget it, I say delete it from your phone and your memory. If something is going on between mil and Scott, stay out of it. Tempers cool and views change and no matter what, if you breath a word it will bite you in the ass later. Out of respect for your MIL, following her request is the proper course to take. Nothing good will come your way as a result of doing anything else. And like others have said, it is none of your business.

  • Open up your phone, take a good look at it then delete it. You should have been honest with your mother in-law. Tell her you saw it but deleted it. Guess what, the two of you would have just had an inside joke and your mother in law would have loved you that much more for being honest with her.

    She is an adult human being with sexual needs just like anyone else. as for the "scott/sal" thing, drop it. You don't want to make false accusations and hurt your wife and mother inlaw...and your father inlaw. You really don't know for sure so don't act like a baby and start spreading rumors to your wife.

  • Tell your wife your thoughts on it. Your wife will eventually confront your mother in law. Chaos will commence, but at least there won't be another guy (her husband) getting screwed by a shady wife for some work out buddy.

    All these people saying its none of your business and to drop it, would sure like to know if they were the ones being cheated on.

    Whether or not its fact or your imagination, it should be proven and addressed.

    Why would any of you be ok with someone keeping information from you that could possibly 'save' you from being cheated on in any way at all. Hmm? Hypocrites.

  • LMAO.. OMG.. that is classic..

    Umm.. your best bet is just stay clear of that... don't tell your wife because she won't keep it to herself..

    and if she already suspects something .. I'm sure your father-in-law will find out soon on his own..

  • It wasn't your business then, and now it sort of is. I'd tell your girlfriend what happened and let them solve it themselves. If she's cheating on her husband then she is risking hurting the family and most of all your girlfriend. That in turn, makes it your business to at least be honest with her with what happened. So tell your girlfriend, and the family work it out.