My mother in law sent me a "naughty" pic on accident.

The other day at work I got a pic message on my phone from my mother in law. It wasn't downloading right so I texted her back and said sorry my phone won't down load it and she said "what?" I said the pic you just sent me won't download. She didn't text me back for awhile and then finally she called me and informed me that she accidentally sent me a "naughty pic" that was supposed to go to her husband. I was so confused because I didn't think she was like that first and second how did she mistake it to me when her husbands name starts with a B and mine with a S so they aren't anywhere near each other in the contact list. I told her it didn't download anyway and she told me not to tell anyone and if I did see it to forget about it. Ok so I'm a guy and I know I shouldn't have but the pic finally downloaded and I saw it she was playing with her "toy" ha weird! And then I remember my wife telling me she was suspicious of her mom texting this guy named Scott she worked with a lot and stuff started coming together. I'm Sal and he's Scott so we are pretty damn close in a contact list I would like to think. So should I say something or keep it quite? Is it even my business?

ok I have since found out that my mother in law sent my that pic on purpose to see my reaction we were having a few drinks one night together and it came up. we ended up having sex but it was only one time


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  • just to add.. I wouldn't say the 'scott' thing because you don't know it for sure. all you should tell your wife is what you for sure know. aka: your mom sent me a pic of her, which was naughty, and she later sent me a text saying it was an accident, and should have gone to her husband instead. don't tell your wife your assumptions because they will worry her unnecessarily.

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      I think his point is that it may not be unnecessary to worry.