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He doesn't want to get emotionally involved but is pressuring to have sex.

We are dating for 3.5 weeks. And I noticed that he doesn't contact me on days when we don't see each other. When I asked him why he said that he... Show More

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  • You are totally right. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM. Some girls don't mind being nothing more and nothing less than a sex object to a guy they're attracted to, but if you're already leaving the experience with nothing, at least leave with your dignity. I say drop him. Do not teach him that it's okay for him to only contact you when he wants to get off. That's tacky and sleazy and you deserve much better. Plus, you would feel like such a fool if you settled for that then found a guy later on who treats you like a queen.

What Guys Said 2

  • Do you contact him? He's probably not that serious, but I get really busy too and don't feel like messaging people everyday.

  • Yepp, you're right about this.

    You are just a potential friend with benefit for him ...well, not even a friend. Just a benefit

What Girls Said 4

  • Drop this dude.He is trying to use you.3.5 weeks is too fast for knowing someone and to have intimacy with them.Plus you guys haven't get exclusive yet.I don't think he is interested to make you his girlfriend though.If he does he won't be pressuring you in a short time.

  • Hes not serious and dosnt want anything serious, he want to sleep with you(bootycall) if I was you I would text him (oh honey you know what you Will never get it , you think I'm stupid)? Annnd bye sucker:D

  • definitely. To me it sounds like he is either trying to make you booty call status ( only calling on days you meet) or fwb. does he take you out on dates and pays for things? just curious. And

    • Yeah, he is extra nice when we meet but acts like I don't exist on days when we dont.

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