Where on Long Island can I find glory holes?

I'm a 26 year old single guy who hasn't had sex in about 5 years and I'm sick of the games girls play so I am looking to release all my pent up sexual frustration by looking for a glory hole where I can get blow jobs and/or sex. If anyone has information of any kind please let me know. I think not having sex for so long has hurt my mentality and confidence with girls and its very hard for me to get through my sexual drought. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

Note: I know this question is an odd one and many people won't accept it, but I don't care. Me posting this question in the first place should show that I don't care. I am simply seeing what all my options are so that I can find a solution to my problem once and for all. its pretty pathetic that its come to this for me, but maybe if girls thought differently this wouldn't be a problem. I don't know, which is why I asked the question.


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  • Gay bars, gay clubs, and rest stop bathrooms, apparently.

    There is no such thing as a "glory hole" in the heterosexual world, outside of p*rn or perhaps a swingers' club or two, and swingers' clubs don't take single men.

    If you want a BJ, hire an escort, or learn what normal women want and learn to become that.

    • You make a very good point about glory holes not really being heterosexual outside of p*rn which is where my curiosity about it originated. Finally, someone with some great insite and advice on this topic! Thanks man!

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  • I was going to be concerned about the other end of the hole being a mans mouth, or ass but I see Mr oracle basically warned you.

  • Not worth the potential STDs.

  • Apparently you're into men. Those glory holes usually only attract men...with men on the other side.

  • No, I do not know where you can find one. Nor do I recommend it.

    "I can see why I'm having a hard time with girls right now. There's only one kind [of woman] out there."

    Lovely. Another guy who blames his situation on women. Perhaps it is YOU; perhaps you move too quickly, move too slowly, get clingy (which is typical for desperate or lonely guys), get suspicious (ties into the last one I listed), have unrealistic ideas of the girl you wish for (regarding appearance, social status, career, etc.), look for girls in the wrong places/are not open to looking for girls in certain setting... the list goes on. "Games" are only played when you go after someone who is looking for something different than you.

    For someone to love you, you have to get out of your mindset. I am being honest when I say that I would not date a guy who is playing the victim, who is blaming the entire female gender (i.e. ME).

    And, one last thing, stop focusing on your alleged "sexual drought." If I knew a man had that thought in his head while we were dating, if I knew he saw me as something to alleviate his "sexual drought," I would end it. You need to dedicate your attention to a greater meaning.

    I really wish you the best of luck!

    Read these articles:



    There are probably others, too.

    • Great answer. You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. If he is having problems with women he is the only constant in that equation so the problem must be him can't be every woman on the planet.

    • I will read your articles, but before I do I would like to address your comment. Maybe I worded myself wrong in the last comment or even the question itself, but I really am looking for something with greater meaning. I was only saying that this obstacle in my way is preventing me from obtaining what I really want, so I was seeking options to get rid of it. I never date to end a drought which is why I conidered the option in my question. And to address the comment below this one, of course I lov

    • continued: of course I am happy with myself. And honestly just to let you know, I only blamed the entire female gender out of frustration, not because I really blame them. I just want help on what I can do to improve my dating life so I can finally find the one girl I want to spend my life with. You girls who commented must think that I'm some big headed jerk or something but I'm really not. Just frustrated and stuck.

  • Wow..you know with all these questions men post about us woman being shallow, sending mixed signals, and playing games it makes me think. Geez men are more lonley and depressed than ever.

    1 Buy a sex doll

    2. Get an escort

    3. Buy a fleshlight

    Note: Majority of glory holes have men on the other side so be careful.

    • Yeah I've heard about guys being on the other side so I'm aware of that. But from reading your response I can see why I'm having a hard time with girls right now. There's only one kind out there. Like I said, I'm going through a sort of drought right now, not that I'm lonely or depressed. I'm trying my options to find a solution.

  • OMG are you serious!?!?!?

    • Yup. Its gotten to that point for me unfortunately. Unless you can solve the mystery of girls for me in a comment? lol

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  • I heard there's a good one in your mom's bedroom door...

    Joking aside, though, just go get a hooker like a normal desperate person.

  • that's fantasy

  • Get a hooker.

  • Go to Newark NJ and you will be hooked up (with lots of std's)

  • buy a fake vagina! or a sex doll or just workout all day and be douche bag and sh*t :) haha

  • go to a yanky cranky shop unless you're into dudes