Where on Long Island can I find glory holes?

I'm a 26 year old single guy who hasn't had sex in about 5 years and I'm sick of the games girls play so I am looking to release all my pent up sexual frustration by looking for a glory hole where I can get blow jobs and/or sex. If anyone has information of any kind please let me know. I think not having sex for so long has hurt my mentality and confidence with girls and its very hard for me to get through my sexual drought. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

Note: I know this question is an odd one and many people won't accept it, but I don't care. Me posting this question in the first place should show that I don't care. I am simply seeing what all my options are so that I can find a solution to my problem once and for all. its pretty pathetic that its come to this for me, but maybe if girls thought differently this wouldn't be a problem. I don't know, which is why I asked the question.


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  • Gay bars, gay clubs, and rest stop bathrooms, apparently.

    There is no such thing as a "glory hole" in the heterosexual world, outside of p*rn or perhaps a swingers' club or two, and swingers' clubs don't take single men.

    If you want a BJ, hire an escort, or learn what normal women want and learn to become that.

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      You make a very good point about glory holes not really being heterosexual outside of p*rn which is where my curiosity about it originated. Finally, someone with some great insite and advice on this topic! Thanks man!