Scenes of torture, why so arousing?

Ok, let me explain first,. A few years back during a girls night out on our family boat, as the television was on as background entertainment, a late night move that was playing caught my attention, during a very graphic torture scene I became so aroused I truly believe I experienced a spontaneous Orgasm, Later I rented the movie and it did arouse me the second time without the Orgasm though, since then I seem to be attracted and find violent movie scenes especially torture, very arousing. I don’t understand it and wanted to know if any other women find this erotically moving to them. I am not in any way a violent person and come from a very loving and protective family of high stature.

Lately I have had the luxury of finding very good suspense and thrillers, one in particular had a whipping scene that still make me climax. Anyone else? Or am I truly strange with this one.


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  • I've often wondered about this; I've heard from quite a few females that they get aroused, like you, by scenes of violence. I've never heard this from women who themselves tend to be violent, or experience a lot of it..

    Mostly I'e heard it from educated women, from fairly privileged backgrounds, who've not been exposed to any real violence in their own lives.

    I never hear this from guys, except from gays, who often react like women, of course, in a lot of situations.

    But there's a sizeable market among perv guys for videos of murder and violence against women...though I have yet to meet a guy who admits to being part of that market!

    But my impression is that these guys don't get a directly sexual thrill from those scenes, as I've heard described by you, and quite a few other women from similar backgrounds.

    I have no explanation to offer, sorry! I look forward to answers, I hope the girls will be honest!

    It's brave of you to not be anonymous...I'll bet there won't be one non-anony answer from women who admit to the same tendencies!