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Scenes of torture, why so arousing?

Ok, let me explain first,. A few years back during a girls night out on our family boat, as the television was on as background entertainment, a late... Show More

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  • I've often wondered about this; I've heard from quite a few females that they get aroused, like you, by scenes of violence. I've never heard this from women who themselves tend to be violent, or experience a lot of it..

    Mostly I'e heard it from educated women, from fairly privileged backgrounds, who've not been exposed to any real violence in their own lives.

    I never hear this from guys, except from gays, who often react like women, of course, in a lot of situations.

    But there's a sizeable market among perv guys for videos of murder and violence against women...though I have yet to meet a guy who admits to being part of that market!

    But my impression is that these guys don't get a directly sexual thrill from those scenes, as I've heard described by you, and quite a few other women from similar backgrounds.

    I have no explanation to offer, sorry! I look forward to answers, I hope the girls will be honest!

    It's brave of you to not be anonymous...I'll bet there won't be one non-anony answer from women who admit to the same tendencies!

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  • You had an orgasm just by watching that scene... whoa.

    Sounds like you may be into BDSM.

  • my girlfriend loves to watch torture, and she loves to torture me. message me for details

  • Not my cup of tea, but whatever floats your boat.

  • Well you are discovering an attraction for bdsm. Just don't read 50 shades if you want to get informed about that.

  • No, you're not strange at all. Although it's not really my thing, it is for a lot of people. Just indulge yourself and enjoy it for what it is...a fetish that brings you sexual gratification.

  • Not uncommon. Definitely not weird.

    Like someone said, look up BDSM. If you want to find out more, check out fetlife, and maybe google for "munches" in your area - that's what they call it when these kind of kinky people get together for "real world" dinner, lunch, whatever.

    Just be careful; there are some creepers out there. Go slow, and read up on how to be safe.

    And have fun.

  • If it's just torture, then it might be some BDSM thing. Do you also get aroused seeing people get killed? Gory corpse photos? What about people getting severely assaulted or mutilated?

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  • what kind of torture was it ?

    • I was a scene were a man was interrogating and electro torturing another man, it was from a movie called the Evil That Men Do, its very old

  • you are either a sadist or a masochist, the former being into the torturing and the latter being into being tortured (when you look at the film which to you relate most to?) or BDSM. its not strange its just not everyones cup of tea

    • well I certainly would not desire to hurt someone, and I tend to disdain being hurt, I just love to watch, I guess in a voyeuristic way, two men fighting, or a handsome man overpowering someone, or humiliating them seems arousing to watch as long as I know it's not real

  • Watch reservoir dogs

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