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Do you have torpedo breasts?

I love pics of topless girls from the 60s and 70s. So many of them have torpedo t*ts---do a google search if you don't know what that means. I've... Show More

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  • It depends on the size of the girl's breast, but I think girls with smaller to medium-sized chests are more likely to have torpedo-shaped breasts, because they sit higher on the chest and are usually not as rounded-out as large breasts. I think they're fairly common, and are probably more natural than the ideal "bubble breasts".

What Girls Said 6

  • i have them.But I'm really insecure about them because they don't look "normal".


    • I really don't think you should be insecure... I think breasts shaped like that are REALLY hot. :)

  • Mine are kinda like that when I'm in a really warm environment, but when I'm cold they look more round.

  • Mine are more round than anything, maybe a little shallower on top than below. A lot of women with fake breasts, especially badly-done ones, end up with this shape. But if it's what you prefer, I guess there's something for everyone.

  • My boobs are like that. Didn't know they had a cool name like torpedo breasts lol. I'm kind of unhappy with them because I feel like they sag. They're big but they don't look like the perfect sit up perky boobs that I wish I had

  • You don't see them in men's mags anymore because the majority of those models have breast implants.

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  • They re actually common. It's just that magazines like playboy don't like them.

    We've all been saturated with hugh hefner's idea of the perfect boob.

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