I think my brother smells my underwear.

I kept losing underwear after I put them in the laundry and never knew what happened to them. And then I went to get a pillow from my brothers room for a friend of mine who was sleeping over and there were like 10 pairs of my underwear in the pillow. I'm grossed out and I was so embarrassed too. I heard some people like to smell girls underwear. how come they do that?


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  • Well you need not be embarrassed. Your brother is smelling your p**** and masturbating. You might find it a sort of a compliment. If you were an understanding and wise sister, you would wait for your brother to enter his room and then pay him a visit. In a very calm voice tell him you have been losing underwear, but you found out where they have been going. Tell him it is perfectly normal for a boy to enjoy a girls underwear, but that you need them returned. Tell him you will leave your underwear on the top of the clothes in the hamper each day and he may borrow them, but each morning they must be returned to the hamper or he won't get any more, and your parents will handle the problem. I'm sure he will be embarrassed, grateful for your understanding, and eager to comply with your wishes. At 16 you probably find this gross and disgusting, but please realize it is all pretty normal. Anything he might leave on your underwear will totally disappear in the laundry, really. :)

    • I think that psychologically, that can foster a LOT of mixed feelings (incest perhaps) so I wouldn't say anything. just take them back and he'll notice that someone knows what he's been up to and he'll stop.

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    • That's sick, that's her brother.

    • YEAH.... that's wrong even if he's still in the "experimenting" stage of puberty and sh*t. but come on, its her sisters underwear... everyone knows the difference between sibling and stranger underwear. Would you start sniffing around ur moms lingerie? I wouldn't think so. Because its .. as close as they can get to incestuous thoughts and bleuuuuuuch

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  • He probably has a panty fetish. I have one and it starts at an early age. I remember when I was like 12 my sister would have friends sleep over and if they went anywhere I would sneek in and check out the panties they brought, sniff them and play with them. I never really messed with my sisters though, I wasn't brazen enough to steal them, I figured she would miss them. He probably sniffs them and masturbates with them. Its not a big deal, but it could get expensive if he keeps stealing them from you. Just realize that he can not help it. To this day if I have a chance in a public laundry or whatever to snatch a pair of panties I will do it, its kind of an obsession.

  • i used to smell my cousins underwear when we were growing up, i just wanted to smell what sex smelt like, and it made me horny. she never found out about it. it was about curiosity, and i think its pretty normal. i haven't wound up being messed in the head as a result.

  • Yes its simply to smell what u smell like down there... maybe ask a friend to leave some for him I know I used to do same to my sisters friends take the worn ones n smell them at 16 it would smell great I only smelt my sisters once by mistake but her friends now leave. Them for me everytime they spend the night

  • Leave him some Hershey squirts in the bottom of underpants. Maybe that will make him stop.

  • Seems like some Gag users will be here forever. Sup Sandra?

  • because they like to smell the scent of where a woman's crotch was. its just some peoples thing that gets them off. how old are you anyway?

    • I just turned 16 actually got my license woo. why do you ask? so my brother likes to smell where my crotch was? that's weird and gross

    • Two very common adjectives to describe men. Hahaha!

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  • if it were me, I wold just take them back. that way, he'll know someone knows what he's been up to and stop. hope it helps!

  • Honestly I would call him out. That is sick and disturbing. Some guys have panty fetishes and they like to smell the crotch odor or whatever, but your brother is crossing the line, you don't do that to family. He needs help.

  • well, you can't really say that he was sniffing them, because guys do the strangest things, but who knows why guys do what they do?

  • It's because your pussy must smell very good

  • he might have just been stealing them to mess with you or make you think your panties disappeared. He wasn't necessarily sniffing them. I see you're 16...how old is he? If he is younger he could just be messing with you. My brother once sat on my face and tried to fart...he was wearing pants but his balls were pretty close to my face regardless. Yeah, it was gross, but it wasn't sexual. He's my little brother, and he was just trying to gross me out.

    • Hopefully your answer is right. Maybe he was just trying to mess with you and not being sexual. =/

    • He is 20

    • Well, that's a little weird, but maybe he's just immature? Just ask him what's going on and hopefully he can answer you.