Girls, why do you prefer vibrators and dildos to the real thing?

Girls, why do you prefer vibrators and dildos to the real thing?


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  • I have never used one, but I hear they feel great. However, a vibrator can't kiss your neck or touch your nipples or anything, so I think a real guy is better. But not just any guy, specifically my boyfriend...someone I love. However I'd much rather do it with a vibrator than some FWB or a guy I just met.


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  • i can't get pregnant from a vibrator and I will always have an orgasm from one, but vibrators are just a substitute for sex... they are not equals.

  • I've had neither, but I don't fantasize about vibrators. Real all the way, baby.

  • Real thing...

  • vibrators and dildos can't get me pregnant

  • sometimes it's nice because I know how to use it so that I climax every time. in all honesty though...nothing quite compares to being with a real thing ever.

  • Well...can your dick vibrate?

    • If I flex it and make it spasm is it the same thing?

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    • No, can your vibrator kiss your neck? play with your nipples? (ignore that if you're one of those women who doesn't enjoy that), moan your name? breathe into your ear? slap your ass? (for those who like it rough) tie you up? Lick your clit while fingering you? Hold you after your orgasm? kiss you while you come down from that high? tell you it loves you? Will it laugh with you when something goes awry? Will it make you a sandwich afterwards when you're too tired to move? Yeah... didn't think so

    • I like the sandwich bit... Imagine if a vibrator could make a sandwich,that would be crazy...

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