Does the amount a guy ejaculates mean anything?

I hear that it depends on how long it's been since he's last had sex. Is this true? Are there other factors? ie) the intensity of the orgasm, the guy's size or health? etc.


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  • There are 2 and only 2 factors involved in how much an average guy ejaculates (at least with any significance).

    1. How long it's been since he last came. The male orgasm has a purpose. That purpose is to eject semen. Guys have a limited supply of semen at any given time. Sure the balls and prostate and such are constantly working to make more, but they can only make it so fast. Thus depending on how long it's been since he last orgasmed, his glands will have had more or less time to produce semen.

    2. How long and how intense the build up was. Mostly how long. When a guy is aroused he produces semen at an increased rate. It's like the body's way of saying "hurry the hell up, we got an order to fill!" The longer a guy is aroused and stimulated for during sex, the more he will eventually cum.

    However, the primary and most telling factor is always #1. If your guy cums a lot more than usual, it's been a while since he got off. If he barely cums any odds are he masturbated earlier that day or something.

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      Wait, doesn't hydration matter too to some extent? I've read that dehydration slows down both sperm and precum production.
      But overhydration won't increase production.

      Mostly meant as a hint to you guys to drink properly.

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  • well the amount is definitely based on the last time he came, I can always tell if my boyfriend took care of himself earlier that day... but sperm count can be decreased if the guy is doing drugs, that would make the come clearer, less white. I've been told by guys that if the orgasm is really intense that there is more come and it shoots farther... but I don't think it's scientifically or logically proven.

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      The 2nd point is definitely true. A study isn't necessary.

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      As your boyfriend ejaculates into you, how can you see the quantity of his semen?

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      Nope, but I can see the quantity of the semen when he ejaculates on my stomach, on his stomach, on the bed, on my leg.... get the idea?