Not wearing a condom?

Ok I have always used condoms but

yesterday I wanted to feel how it felt with out one

but he only went in me twice...

but if I don't use one in the future and he pulls

out before he cums is it safe...or just plain stupid?


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  • Condoms and the withdrawal method are, according to the newest study by Contraceptive magazine, are both found to be about 60% effective with regular usage, and 75% with perfect usage. Unfortunately, it is rare to have perfect timing with the withdrawal method. I'm sure that I don't have to point out how low those rates are when you consider that most people have sex about 190 times a year.

    Just in case, I will. That means that if you have sex 190 times a year, about 42 times you're method of birth control is probable to fail.

    Combined with birth control or the rhythm method, though, that changes.

    Ultimately, though, if you're wanting a safe way to have sex without a condom (which is only safe if you have a verifiable copy of his STD check, really) you need to get on the pill or something.

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      Condoms have a 60% effective rate? Where do you get your numbers? I found this:

      Condom (Male)

      * Typical use: 85% effective

      * Perfect use: 98% effective

      * Of every 100 women whose partners use condoms, 15 will become pregnant (with typical use) and 2 will become pregnant with perfect use

      Withdrawal Method:

      Of every 100 women whose partners use withdrawal, 27 will become pregnant (with typical use) and 4 will become pregnant with perfect use

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      Out of Contraceptive Magazine, specifically an article they recently did examining the withdrawal method. They compared it to condom usage, birth control, and IUDs.