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Is squirting normal?

ok so when I masturbate, yes, I'm a girl, and I masturbate, I squirt when I orgasm, like not just cumming its full on 3 feett across my bed, is it... Show More

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  • That is fantastic. Every guy dreams of having a girl who is capable of squirting. We like it because it works like a sign that you had a really good and strong orgasm. And if the guy is the one who got you there, that makes him feel very proud of himself.so, be happy that you were born with that capability.

  • thats really hot!

  • It is normal. But not all woman can do this... or know how to do this.

    You will find a guy someday who is VERY thankful that you can do this.

    I have yet to have had a girl do this, and I am dying to experience it.

  • 30% to 60% of women report that they have at some time experienced the gushing of fluid during orgasm. So if it is not normal - it is not abnormal too. To date, there have been no conclusive or major studies relating to female ejaculation. Female ejaculation, known as squirting or gushing, these terms are used by the public interchangeably, which usually lead to confusion only. "Real" female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate, Bartholin's gland. "Squirting or gushing" shown frequently in p*rnography is a different phenomenon. It is the expulsion of clear and abundant fluid, which is a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.

  • It's normal! Honestly, I think its VERY HOT! I love squirters! Not all men are educated enough to know what female ejaculation is, so be prepared to educate some future mates. Some guys know about it and don't care for it. Most guys that know about it think it's HOT! :)

    As far as controlling it, from what I've read it's a learned skill but if your really turned on and getting all the right stimulation you may not be able to control it then.

    I think you should embrace your squirting skills as you are having a different and more intense orgasm than the other women that don't squirt! Ha Ha! You might have to sift through more BF's to find the one that really enjoys your orgasms and have to clean up messes afterward but other than that it's all good from my perspective!

    Enjoy and Have Fun! :)

  • Most guys would find that VERY attractive.

  • so hot...

    • from what I hear not many girls squirt...your a treasure...;)

    • one more thing...some guys are ignorant about sex so better warn your boyfriend beforehand...

  • Not every girl does it, but it is really hot. I wish my girlfriend squirted. It would make going down on her even better if she squirted on me when she came.

What Girls Said 4

  • yes it is and i also have this problem n i find it kinda messy

  • "Yes, I'm a girl, and I masturbate"

    Hahahahah cracked me up. Join the club. You're not unique for masturbating or squirting babe. Holy shit.

  • I squirt too. Not all the time but the older I get the easier it is.

  • Very normal

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