Why does my boyfriend always stick his leg in between my legs!?

Sometimes when we're laying in bed kissing boyfriend shoves his leg in between mine, pressing against my vagina really hard. Why does he do this?


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  • He wants you to keep your legs apart so he can make a move

What Guys Said 6

  • It is invitation for the ultimate game - he wants full penetration. Are you not turned on while kissing and other foreplay?

  • He want to try the p*rn move

  • he is so horny...

  • It's foreplay, he's trying to use the pressure of his leg against your vagina to make you wet. If you would prefer his hand down there for foreplay, grab it and put it there! :)

  • probably thinks that will turn you on

  • He's trying to rub your vagina and get you horney.

What Girls Said 5

  • It can be a turn on for both him and you as he puts some pleasurable pressure on your pussie.

  • Because it is the foreplay.

    • normally doesn't rub your pussie but it also gives his penis something to rub up against.

  • He is definitely trying to get in. Check his P* - if it is erected and you are ready do the remaining things. He will be locked between your legs.

  • maybe it feels good for him, it's a comfortable situation

  • He is obviously trying to turn you on.