Is it hard to pee with an erection?

I had a guy friend tell me when guys get an erection they just don't have to pee and I find that hard to believe.Also any guys out there pee sitting down? I'm just curious about that one.

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  • No, it is no more difficult too pee with an erection than it is without one. Where that myth stems from is that with an erection, you can not point it down at the toilet because that kinks the urethra and then you can't pee. If you let it point where it wants to point, it is no different.If you have any amount of diaper changing experience with boys, you have probably been peed on, and it was almost certainly from an erect penis. Babies are erect more often than not when they pee. Sit too pee? No normal guy does that. It would not make sense to use the extra effort to disrobe too the point that would enable sitting down too pee. I have only ever heard of one male that did this on a regular basis, his wife asked me if that was normal for guys too do. This guy was one of those femmy peculiar acting guys. Other than him, never heard of a sitter.

    • It's called common courtesy if it's in the middle of the night and you're half-asleep, Superman.You've either never lived with women, or are too much of a douche bag to go the extra mile and do something simple not to make a mess for them.

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  • Yes because the bladder is blocked while you have an erection. Technically you can, but there's major restraint. Standing up helps though.

  • It's possible for a guy to pee sitting down, though the vast majority of us don't.And an erection doesn't make peeing itself harder, but aiming... Different story.

    • Well sometimes if ur tired or just wanna chill on the toilet take a p*ss and just lean against the wall and..... LOL nvm. that's when I'm drunk at a friends house lol

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    • An erection doesn't make peeing harder? Are you even a man??? of course it does!!

    • Learn to read more carefully, allowing urine to travel through the urethra (sp?) with an erection is no more difficult than without an erection, aiming is harder.If you're having trouble getting urine to pass with an erection, I'd see a doctor.

  • yes it is!

  • i don't even think it's possible to pee with an erection, every time I have an erection and I want to pee, I just have to try to calm myself down and get less turned on to reach a level where peeing is possible. it can take something like five minutes.

  • It's a problem, simply because in that state you would be "aiming up" with great difficulty to "aim down". Unless you're "in the woods" this is problematic.

  • yes, it is difficult to pee with an erection. this is an evolutionary adaptation to prevent us from peeing inside girls, which would kill our sperm (and probably really annoy girls).No, no guys pee sitting down, unless we happen to be taking a crap at the same time. Then, what the hell.

  • Yes it is hard to pee with an erection. Normally you have to wait for it to go away. I find though if I have a "morning glory", which means my bladder is full and putting pressure on the prostate gland keeping me very hard... I need to pee to make it go down or it's very embarrassing. So I lean right forward and try to push it down so it points down. It's not easier but such a relief when you're able to pee!And I've never peed sitting down, but I read somewhere once it's a good idea to do that one first dates so you don't pee on the girls floor or toilet seat or anything accidentally and put her off! *LOL*

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