How do I ride my boyfriend without being shy?

Every time me and my boyfriend have sex he does all the work and after we finish he ask if I'm going to ride him and I tell him no so he gets mad and doesn't want to do it sometimes. I am very shy when its comes to having sex so what do I do?

Most Helpful Guy

  • First, only do it if you want to. But do try and be brave - most women really prefer it because you can control depth and movement (and the delicious grind). Plus he can caress and touch you with his hands way more effectively this way, which you will both enjoy. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

    There are ways to address your demure shyness. Try it under the covers the first time and lie against him (his head should be propped on a pillow or two). This will keep you from being too visible and it is more intimate.

    • (totally different girl) are you sure that works? because like, I try and everything, and I love riding but I can't do it the way I want to. I'm a super freak but I can't express it, and he can't tell, because I can't express it

    • The only thing I'm sure about is that women are all different in their sexual response. But self consciousness is usually an O killer for females, and forward cowboy is the most exposure of you to him. But let me say this - if you let yourself get a little selfish and find your groove, you begin moving against him in a way that he knows you are ascending - and there is NOTHING sexier or more pleasurable for a man than feeling and seeing her let go and take his sex...