My girlfriend set me up to fulfill her weird fetish.

I was sitting at home after work one day and thought that my girl was at work. One of her friends came over and I told her that she was at work and she said that fine can't I hang out with you. It was a little weird because yea we were friends too but we never hung out alone but I said yea sure if you want. We were just watching tv and out of the blue she said she hadn't had sex in awhile. I was like oh well I'm sorry to hear that. then she said so I'm gonna have sex with you. I was completely thrown off guard and all of a sudden she came over and straddled me on the couch and started kissing me. I have always thought she was pretty hot so I just went along and she gave me head and we had sex. Right when we finished my girlfriend walked in the door and I freaked out and she was just laughing. she said she just always wanted to see what I would do if she caught me cheating. she wasn't even mad and had actually planned this out with her friend. then she asked if I wanted to walk in on her? I didn't know when was such a freak but I am confused.


Most Helpful Girl

  • for some women this type of thing is actually what get's them off, it's different than the norm but none the less it is still a fantasy, she planned this and executed it to the last detail and you say she wasn't mad at you, since you know her better than anyone if that's true then this wasn't a test it was simply her putting her fantasy in motion, and now it's on you to complete it by setting her up.if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of another man especially one of your guy friends screwing your girlfriend then just tell her you aren't comfortable with the fantasy because it sounds like what she wanted was to get you in a situation where you feel obligated to allow her to cheat, but she wants you to be ok with everything just as she is. If she seemed honest then she is prob sincere and you just need to decide if you can handle it or depends on how you feel about all of this, are you terrified or curious?