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Growing up did your brother/sister ever see your penis or vagina?

This can be accidental or otherwise. Did your sibling ever see your private parts? Was it embarrassing? What's the story?

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  • I saw my brother's genitals when he was a baby. We're 6,5 years apart. I sometimes watched my mother change his diapers, so, yes, I saw it. He never sees mine though and growing up, I never see his thing again. Thank god.

    • I hate being blocked on this fucking site stupid people have to block people uneducated and irrational stupidity I don't care about the answer I just wanted to let it be known how ridiculous you are and you know who you are!

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    • The dude who commented below. "AwesomeEirich"

    • I know. I just don't know who his comment was directed to.

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  • My brother has never seen my genitals, but he's seen me in g-strings before, and they don't leave much to the imagination. But that's about it.

  • no

  • Yes, I didn't know he was home and I got out of the shower and walked out of the bathroom naked and there he was.

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