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I love reading sex stories in It gets me all worked up and horny. Awhile back I was just browsing through the different categories and clicked on the incest one out or curiosity and I read a brother sister story. It made me really horny for some reason and that's all I have been reading lately. I don't know why but I just picture my brother and me when I read them. is this normal? has anyone else ever read these stories?


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  • Fantasy is normal. Stressing about fantasy makes you nuts.


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  • I wrote and posted an incest story On literotica that you might like. Pm me and I will send a link.

  • I've spent years on in the Incest category, brother/sister, father/daughter sections... There's a LOT to be said about fantasies that wouldn't ever happen in real life lol... But I've written a couple my self

  • how old are you and how old is your brother? I'd say it's "normal," as long as you don't act on it. It's the taboo factor which is turning you on.

  • Incest is taboo, and because of this you find it erotic. The same might happen if you read about anal sex.

  • i love those stories. im horny now

  • No its pretty normal its a faze I had it. I would read the stories and then think about my sister or something but it went away. I never acted on it nor would I. Just another chapter in my fanatasies I've had.

  • started lke that then searchng for incest videos


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  • I've read those, my sister actually got me into them... I can't say that the incest ones have ever done anything for me, but there are plenty of fantasies that I slightly feel ashamed of... not too much, but too embarrassing to say aloud.

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    • K, here's my own weird-ass thing. I sometimes fantasize that I'm older and married, and that I have a teenage daughter... one day I walk in on her while she's topless, and she has perfect breasts, and then I f*** the hell out of my wife while thinking about my daughter topless.

      I have neither a daughter or a wife in real life, btw. :)

    • Nice, I bet you could actually write a literotica story about that :)

  • yeah I've read them, and yes it's normal just because you fantasize about it doesn't mean you would really do it, its just like rape fantasy's just because you get turned on by it doesn't mean you really wanna be raped, your fine, now when you wanna act on it is a another story

  • you should put some of the stories on here

    • @taytay and @billme1070 I have written and posted a story on literotica that you might enjoy. Pm me and I will link you

  • It's normal.