Getting fingered for the first time?

Ladies does it feel good to be fingered? should he use lube?

Guys do you like fingering a girl? what is it like for you?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm going to assume that you're a virgin and have an intact hymen, so if that isn't he case, then those parts might not apply to you.

    With a hymen, your "entrance" is closed down to a much smaller hole by the hymen, which is a thin elastic ring of skin. Usually the hole is enough for a single finger to be inserted without too much discomfort (it stretches a bit), but typically a second finger won't fit without tearing the hymen and causing discomfort or outright pain. That will vary from girl to girl, though. Once the hymen has been ruptured, by a penis, fingers, dildo, or whatever, then two fingers should fit and feel good, as long as the guy goes slow at first (usually a single finger first, adding a second one after a bit).

    Many younger guys can be too aggressive, rub too hard, and move way too fast before you are ready, and if you aren't wet enough or if you dry out (not turned on enough, too nervous, or whatever), and he keeps going, you can get chaffed and/or sore. YOU need to be prepared to give him feedback, and tell him "lighter touch" or "slow down some" if he's too aggressive. Every girl is a little different on this, but he can't read your mind, and he may only barely know what he's doing anyway, so don't count on him to be an expert.

    Having some store-bought, water-based lube (condom-safe and easy to clean, but it will dry out eventually and may need to be reapplied if your sessions go for a long time) is a good idea, especially if you tend not to get all that wet (some girls get REALLY wet on their own, and others not so much). As others have said, it would help if you tried masturbating and fingering yourself a bit, so you have an idea of how it works for you.

    Finally, make sure the guy knows beforehand that his nails need to be short, de-burred (loan him your emery board if necessary), and his hands and under his nails need to be FRESHLY CLEAN before fingers you. Not every guy knows or cares about that, but you can get nasty stuff inside you if he isn't clean, and sharp fingernails can cut or scrape you inside, and that will hurt!

    Done right, fingering feels amazing for most girls. If he can finger you with one or two fingers and rubs your clit with his thumb, or applies pressure to it with his palm (and he knows what he's doing), he should be sending you into orbit in no time at all.