Do girls prefer circumcised or uncircumcised men?

I don't know what it's like in America but here in the UK its pretty rare to find anyone who is circumcised. I'm actually the only circumcised man I know. I want to know if girls have a problem with this and does it affect sex and oral sex?

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  • All you circumcised people say circumcised is better with no backup. You say it looks better here's some facts! Intact (uncircumcised). Most men in the world are Uncircumcised. It's only really in the USA that they still have this idea that circumcision is a good thing. And yet they don't seem to be showing it though - did you know they have the highest rate of HIV out of developed nations? Circumcision is just a cultural thing and people who are used to it prefer it and think it is good. The foreskin gives pleasure to both partners and provided you wash and use condoms (who wants a circumcised guy who doesn't anyway?) then you are not going to be smelly and disease-ridden. No wonder the circumcision rates are rapidly dropping in the USA.Relations, the vast majority of women surveyed don't care one way or the other.Did you know All circumcised males lose some or most of the sensitivity in their glans and all of the sensitivity in their foreskin.

    Many circumcised males suffer from:

    Extensive scarring

    Skin tags and skin bridges

    Tearing and bleeding at the scar site

    Curvature of the penis

    Tight, painful erections

    Difficulty ejaculating


    So now all you Men and Women know the truth. Just look how much better it is to be uncircumcised then circumcised.But all the facts do not apply to all people that are circumcised. But they have at least one of those witch is a bummer. So why worry about the risk of all that I know I don't have to. When you have a child do him a favor and leave him the way he is and like the billions of people that are uncircumcised.

    How many times do you hear that a guy that is healthy that takes daily showers having an infected penis?

    Well I'm done Those are facts not fiction think about all of it? and look it up people! if you think it's not true!

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      And still god created us with foreskin why cut it its god creation

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      first off I would like to say that eatmyballs and m3t3ors are retarded... the only reason why people got circumsized were because of religious reasons nowadays doctors make up random sh*t facts just so they can make money... if anything being cut should give you a higher chance of getting a std because your head is completely exposed. and how would m3t would know what a penis taste like... you must like to suck d***s

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      Few women think men need MORE sensitivity. Most men orgasm quicker than their partners prefer.

      And there is no study I've seen that suggests that circumcised men take longer to orgasm because of this supposed reduction in sensitivity.

      Some suggest that fore skin removal reduces sensitivity because it removes skin nerves. But that is like saying that bigger people have more feeling because they have more skin nerves...