Girls - Your long term partner reveals that he lost his virginity to you?

Girls - you've been dating for a couple years now and you had thought that he had been with a few ladies before you (as you have men), but he reveals he lost his virginity to you. How do you feel, what do you think, does it change anything?


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  • Damn straight he did. Lol sorry but I only date virgins (I'm one too) so if anyone's going to be losing their virginity it's going to be both of us at the same time on our wedding night.

    But let's assume that I'm not against premarital sex and put me in that situation. No, it wouldn't change anything. I'd think it was sweet. And it'd probably make me more attached to him. He'd be like my little puppy dog who is all mine and who I can teach naughty things to lol.


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  • Girls - Your long term partner reveals that he lost his virginity to you? How do you feel, what do you think, does it change anything?

    I'd feel amused and it would change the relationship as I'd dump him since he would have had to lie about being a virgin as that's one of my go-to questions and I find virgin guy heterosexual relationships generally don't last long as the guy either gets retroactive jealousy feeling he must even the sexual partner count score or feels he's missing out since he's only had one partner.

  • i would be flattered and probably really happy. but at the same time I would worry that he wants to be with other girls and experiment because it's really not human nature to only want one person. I would have to have a serious conversation. I honestly think it's good to be with more than one person, I just think it's good to have the experience and figure out what you like because if you're only ever with one person, how do you know if you're just settling and whether or not you're missing out? but really, if he only wants to be with me, then it would change nothing about our relationship and I would just try to be even better for him so he doesn't miss out. ;)

  • I wouldn't care.

  • It would obviously not be a deal breaker but it would change my entire perception of our sex life...

    Truth is, I'm glad my boyfriend had experiences before me because I know he me to other women and know what he's getting into. If sex was a problem to start with..he wouldn't be with me and he doesn't feel the need to know what it's like with others women because he knows. It's reassuring. I guess I would be scared for our relationship and it would be a weird feeling

  • If I couldn't tell during our first time I'd be impressed... I've been with virgin guys and it's quite obvious, he wouldn't have to say anything for me to know.

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