My best friend's boyfriend likes to sniff my underwear.

I live with at my best friends house. Her and her boyfriend have a 4 bedroom house and rent out the rooms to there friends. Well anyway I found out... Show More

omg wow! that was amazing! I just had sex with him and ha wow. It was supposed to only be one time but I told him we can do it more. I don't even know what to say my legs are still tingling.
its not a troll post or whatever you call it. I like this site but there are some people that spend way to much time on here and answer every question. get a life. your not the only answer that's right cause you are a "expert"

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  • yea he probably wants to have sex with you. I wanted my girlfriends friend so bad before and I told her that it was driving me crazy so she said we could have sex one time and we did and now I am over it. I just had to get it out of me and I did and the urge is gone now because I know what it was like. I would just have sex with him and then you all can move on. it needs to be done or it will keep getting worse.

    • Did you grab the girl's underwear?

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    • Well it will take it from me. its just something that builds up inside a guy.

    • Hes home right now actually. ha omg this is exciting I'm gonna go do it. I will let you all know