My best friend's boyfriend likes to sniff my underwear.

I live with at my best friends house. Her and her boyfriend have a 4 bedroom house and rent out the rooms to there friends. Well anyway I found out that her boyfriend has been taking my underwear and masturbating with them and I'm guessing he is sniffing them because he only takes the dirty ones. I came home one day and my door to my room was open and stuff was moved in my room so I went to their room (my friend was at work) to ask her boyfriend who had been in my room and I caught him masterbating and I saw underwear laying over his face. When he came out I said I was sorry to walk in but were those my underwear? He said no and was embarrassed but I knew they were because they were my bright solid orange ones I wore the day before and I knew she didn't have orange underwear. So I told him that it was ok and made him a deal that he could take them and use them but had to put them back and if he got caught that I had nothing to do with it. Do you think that was ok to do? and guys is this normal to like to sniff dirty underwear? does it mean he wants to have sex with me?

omg wow! that was amazing! I just had sex with him and ha wow. It was supposed to only be one time but I told him we can do it more. I don't even know what to say my legs are still tingling.
its not a troll post or whatever you call it. I like this site but there are some people that spend way to much time on here and answer every question. get a life. your not the only answer that's right cause you are a "expert"


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  • yea he probably wants to have sex with you. I wanted my girlfriends friend so bad before and I told her that it was driving me crazy so she said we could have sex one time and we did and now I am over it. I just had to get it out of me and I did and the urge is gone now because I know what it was like. I would just have sex with him and then you all can move on. it needs to be done or it will keep getting worse.

    • Did you grab the girl's underwear?

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    • Well it will take it from me. its just something that builds up inside a guy.

    • Hes home right now actually. ha omg this is exciting I'm gonna go do it. I will let you all know

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  • This is so funny because my boyfriends best friend does that with my underwear, I have even found missing dirty undies in his room, I just put some of his laundry that was mixed in with our cloths in there and towels, and I found them in-between his clean folded cloths that were in there. lol, he's just a guy I guess.


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  • Yes, many men like the smell of dirty knickers. The smell is a big turn on and very erotic and the temptation to look for dirty knickers in someone else's house is very strong.

    Girls should rejoice at this and feel flattered that they have such power and influence.

  • make him do your laundry as punishment.. lol

  • I think you are being too sympathetic, what he did is wroooong on so many levels. But I guess if you have an eye on him it's somewhat ok? I would steer clear of creeps like that though!

    • So you would f*** ur girlfriends best friend if you really liked her

    • If I like someone I couldn't care less who she's with. I'm not all that sympathetic when it comes to that.

    • Thats horrible ur a home wrecker and what if you had a girlfriend

  • What you have described is very erotic, and I am sure you know that. If this is a true story, then, of course you are heading for trouble, and by now have probably already found it. But, I have to say, it really got me aroused.

  • It may or may not have anything to do with wanting to have sex with you. He like a lot of guys probably just likes panties. I have a panty fetish and any chance I get will take a pair of worn panties and sniff them and masturbate with them. He is in great position to do this particularly now that you have given him permission. He may fantasize about you when he masturbates (I always do if I know who owns the panties). Your best friend will definitely not be happy that you gave him permission.

    I think there is only one real solution here. I will give you my address and you send all your panties to me and stop wearing panties and start wearing your best friends boyfriends underwear! Lets see if he sniff's those bad boys...LOL

    • Alright that would be fun. what's your address? I'm not sending expensive ones tho.

    • LOL... Don't tease me now:)

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  • What? Why would you allow him to do that? That's a violation of privacy on a few levels here. Not only that but it's not really nice to agree to being as he is your "best friends" boyfriend. Really? I agree with thelittlethings as far as locking your door up.

    • I agree With Shlei3!!! Why would you make an "agreement" with your "BEST friends" BOYFRIEND about your underwear?? How would you fell if the shoe was on the other foot and you were the one at work while your "best friend" and boy made an agreement about him sniffing her underwear to masturbate.....oh, but don't forget to tell him to put them!?!?!?! I don't think you would like it very much!

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    • Are you kidding me? This is either a troll post or a post by someone who is not a good friend at all. Yeah dave216 she sounds like a winner.

    • I agree with Shlei3 every muchhhhh~

      and since you have already betray ur friend (best friend don't do this to each other) you will get what you deserve sooner or later. good luck girl. I really want to hear ur story to the end. this is gona be fun when she find out!

  • that's kinda inappropriate since he's, well your bestfriends' boyfriend. so I would tel him to stop and I would just tell him calmly if he doesn't stop that you'll tell his girlfriend and hopefully this will deter him.

  • ha you're an idiot. This is going to cause lots of hurt and drama to many people. Hopefully you get an std or confused pregnancy for acting like such a whore :-)

  • What does your best friend think? Because I'd be p*ssed that he's cheating on her. The sex and smelling is fine, but the lies are just wrong.

  • Dude, you have a problem.

    Who the HELL sleeps with their best friends boyfriend and talks so freely

    about it as if they love the guy.

    I would hate for you to be my friend.

    And no, I'm no expert... It's just common sense.

    • Karma's a bitch. youve got it coming.

      i hope the same thing happens to you and the person find out.

      youll only have yourself to blame

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