I felt him come in me and he acted like he didn't.

I was having sex with my new boyfriend and I felt him come inside me. He didn't say anything and I didn't either. That makes me mad that he did without saying anything. Should I scare him and tell him I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive to see if he mans up to what he did?

i am pregnant actually, no need to lie about it.


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  • I think that is crazy. If you're having sex with a guy without a condom, expect him to come inside you unless you tell him not to in advance (and even then, if he's a new boyfriend you don't know what to expect).

    If you scare a new boyfriend with a pregnancy test sort of thing like that, you're going to be looking for another one really soon. That's just a ridiculous idea, and I can't imagine any guy would stay with you after doing that.


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  • Protected or unprotected?

  • What you're going to do?

    • I am going to have it. I don't believe in abortion personally and I had a half a part in this happening so I have to deal with it.

    • Me Too. I wish you the best, but you still need his help to rise the kid. after all its his own kid and he have to be there for you. he might be an ass and not going to take any responsibilities towards you or the kid.

  • next time you guys need to talk about that before having sex. why don't he use a condom unless both of you in a serious relationship. don't lie to him about the pregnancy test because your going to lose his trust if he did stay with you afterwards.


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  • What you probably should have done is call him out on it right then. Better yet, you should have had a discussion about birth control beforehand and whether you were going to allow him to come in you or on you. Yeah, he should have said something, I'm on birth control and my boyfriend still asks every single time if he can come inside me. Even though its been a year+ that we've been doing it that way. So you are right that he should have said something before he did it, but at the same time you are equally as guilty for not laying out ground rules first and for not saying something right after. It's also your responsibility, seeing how you knew he came inside you, to get the morning after pill, or get him to buy it for you. Unless you are on birth control, which I hope you are because otherwise you buying a pregnancy test with the intent to "scare" him into thinking you're pregnant, may have a result that scares you just as much.

  • What? If this was unprotected sex than you have just as much fault here. The pull out method is NOT a good method. A drop of pre-cum has thousands of sperm in it and all it takes is just one to get you pregnant. It doesn't matter if he pulls out before or not you still have a chance to get pregnant.

    If this was protected (with BC or something) than that's great news. But, you should have the sex talk with him. If you are adult enough to have sex than you are adult enough to talk about it with your partner.

  • Nothing good will come of pretending you are pregnant. I wouldn't do that. Did you tell him beforehand to pull out? If not, then you really have nothing to be angry about. Most guys are going to assume it's ok if you don't say anything. They aren't mind readers. You have to make your wishes known. If you prefer that he doesn't come inside you, then tell him he needs to pull out and do it on your stomach or wherever. If he doesn't respect your wishes after that, then he's a jerk.