He touched my breasts, help!

We were sitting together, he put his hand on my shoulder as he usually does. But this time he slid it under my tee. He went as far as touching my nipples.

At that time I was taken back and I did nothing and I actually enjoyed it. I wasn't thinking.

We've been together for 6 months and he's never done anything like this before so I got upset and didn't talk much after this happened. He understood that there's a problem and apologized few days later. He told me "Just tell me what to do because I can't take away the guilt of what I did to you" He said it happened because it's the age of raging hormones and blah blah

But few days later I was wearing a low cut top and he slid his fingers across its neck and said that its a great top... "coz its soo deep".. I am mad at him again.

What should I do? He told me he's guilty and that he'd respect me but still glances at my breasts or tries to accidentally touch them at every chance he gets.

He's a nice guy but I'm just not ok with him doing anything with my breasts.

How do I deal with this?

Any advice is appreciated.

I've heard that "If you give them a little ""taste'', they'll just come running back for more."... This scares me


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  • He has to respect when your ready to have sex or to get sexual. There's just no going around it. I hate some of the answers who practically suggest he "deserves" it because it's been 6 month. It doesn't matter if it's a year or two years, he still has to wait when your ready to have sex or to do thins that are sexual. If he continues this behavior, then he's one of those rare guys who are willing to wait as long as half a year or more to get what they want. I'd leave him if he doesn't control himself.

    Another thing is, he could honestly be a good guy and just be intimidated and just plain horny to want to do something like that. But the thing is, in my experience when I first did this with my ex, I asked her first. I thought it was respectful and genuine to show that I was willing to wait when she was ready. I feel he should do the same thing. So, I really don't like this guy.

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      Another thing people forget, or even forget to read, is that you mention that you enjoy it. So it's obviously not an issue that your not sexual, but rather than your not fully ready to venture down that road. That's why I think it's unethical for someone else to assume you "should" be doing it after 6 months when your obviously different.