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Strippers and men......What really happens in VIP rooms?

I have heard stories of people getting head, hand jobs, serious touching (as in fingering...) on and on. Basically things that would most... Show More

Well I have heard it's the trashier places, but either way it's not like they can have cameras in there to know...
I didn't ask this question to see what your morals were. Why are you bashing users?

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  • umm yea a lot of people think it can't happen but I have worked in two different clubs (not nasty hole in the walls) and it happens. I have had sex with I think 7 guys in the vip or couch. Every night there is at least 10 guys that ask me that question and this is what I tell them take the price of the vip and triple it and you will get your answer. of course I don't f*** dirty old men I get enough from them from regular lapdances. but a real hot young guy with the money and its a sure thing. the only thing is that our guys (bouncers) have to check up by law or whatever every so often so if they catch us we have to give them half of the money. its a little game we have going on kinda. so to answer your question, yes most of us do it for enough money. think about it. vip is 200 at my club so that's 600 plus the 200 initial amount.

    • So you're a prostitute?

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    • Really? your telling me I have no self respect? your an asshole and I bet you a stack that you have been to a strip club before and enjoyed it,

    • I really don't care what these people say, get your money. I'm no prostitute and I don't really support it, but be careful :). Don't let no one tell you shit and don't take no shit xD!

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  • Great question. I'm 20 and have never been to one, but I am having fun reading all of these stories.

  • It really depends on the strip club. Big differences. Between the ones in Detroit and kansas city mo. If you're that worried look on a strip club review site, it will tell you specifically if extra shit goes down at a club. I will say extras are extremely uncommon though

  • Sadly no, nothing happens in the VIP room in this country other than the guy paying even more money than he's already paying (I f***ing hate strip clubs). Though the same is not true in other countries. I don't know how the girls would know, but generally, nothing happens in the back room.

  • I f***ed a stripper in the VIP room last weekend

  • naaa, men tell the stories to pump their egos (chest-thumping)

    women who work at strip clubs are there for show, and lap dances, but there is strict "no skin on skin" policies out there. the club owners are not about to jeopardize the Lic.

    the only exception to that rule is if there are corrupt cops or city workers on the take.

  • Nothing has ever happened to me in a VIP room.
    However, massage parlors have resulted in anything I want, with a massage after!

  • Ive been 20 + times to diff clubs in my area. Nothing too crazy goes on in the vip. Most of the time there are video cameras viewing each couch or booth with a bouncer nearby ready to pounce on you if you get too wild. But it really depends on the girl. Sometimes they let you play with their chest, on a rare occasion you get to feel around the nether-regions, sometimes they feel you up thru ur pants. Its fun, but pricy

  • yea I have got some action in the vip room. it just depends on the girl. I was really good friends with the one I messed around with. I just asked her if the stories are true about the vip room and she said you have to go in to find out (obviously she said that) and I did and nothing happened at first and I said I guess not and she said you guessed wrong and I got head and ate her out. I used to sell ex and coke back in the day too and me and this girl were just in the regular couch dance and I asked her if she rolled and she said yes so we popped some and then about 20 min later I went back in with her and we had sex in there for two songs. I think I'm a pretty rare case tho only because I was their dealer and we hung out outside of them working.

  • I actually have been to plenty of strip clubs and it's mostly no touching at all... However I went to one the other day and got a lap dance from the hottest girl in there, after the dance she asked if I wanted to go to vip to which I said no... 20 minutes later after mulling it over I approached her and said why not let's go vip... She told me for money we could have more fun (to which I was now broke so I said no). And we still wound up having sex on the couch

  • It depends on the type of strip club you're getting the VIP at. I am very experienced in this so let me explain:

    First I have a lot of friends who are strippers. I am almost 30 now but when I was 18-20 a lot of my friends I grew up with and hung out with during my teenage years became strippers. I became party buddies with a lot of strippers and I know a lot about what goes on at strip clubs and in the VIP rooms. Not only that but I have been in many types of strip joints and have had a good number of VIP sessions. I pride myself in knowing which girls to choose because I'm semi-attractive and I only like to get VIP dances from girls who are attracted to me.

    MOST strippers won't touch the penis skin-to-skin. Most won't even touch it through your pants if you're not attractive. Old and/or ugly men give up their money just for attention and a butt on their lap, and a chance to touch a nice butt or a nice pair of tits because they NEVER get to otherwise. Strippers know this and won't typically go the extra mile with old and/or ugly men. There are some exceptions, and those exceptions include a lot of extra cash.

    However, being a young semi attractive guy, your luck will be a lot better. You don't have to dress nice or anything, just don't dress like trash and try to smell really good. Of course an energetic and funny personality goes a long way to get a stripper to be into you. YES, I know strippers are paid to act like they are into you, but if you're a young good lookin guy with some money in his pocket, chances are there will be strippers at the club who are REALLY attracted to you. Therefore, if you get a VIP from them you can be sure to get some extra treatment. This goes for the clubs who have private VIP rooms and allow girls to touch the guys.

    However, there are fancy clubs as well. A perfect example of this is Cheetah's in Windsor. Super hot ladies, but it's no contact, so nothing dirty will happen no matter what.

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  • um. yes stuff happens.

    A guy goes to a strip club for a reason.

    He gets the full nasty if you know what I mean if he's willing to pay for it.

    • No, that practically never happens. That happens one and the girl gets caught or found out and the entire joint can le its license. Only in trashy, non-licensed places will crap like that happen, and even then rarely. Most strippers are not prostitutes.

  • yes sh*t like this does go on, IF you get a dirty ass stripper that will do anything for money, which is 90% of them in low end clubs, now go to a high end club and not one stripper will let you touch her, that's what the whores of the street corner are for

  • The VIP rooms at the club allure, chicago are really small but nice. They have really nice furniture, a private bar, and flat screen tv's. Basically, it depends on the girl, but I have some friends who work there who say you can get anything you want for the right money. I don't know about other clubs, but the cluballurechicago
    has another area that's not discussed that's called the Penthouse. That's where the magic happens. Know more details about this club here: cluballurechicago. com

  • Do they pay before or after sex how do you make sure they pay you?

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