Strippers and men......What really happens in VIP rooms?

I have heard stories of people getting head, hand jobs, serious touching (as in fingering...) on and on. Basically things that would most definitely be considered cheating if he were in a relationship. So do these things really happen for a little extra cash or at all? Men tell me your experiences and BE DETAILED AND SPECIFIC, please!

Women: if anyone is a stripper or knows one and would know do the same! Thanks! I've always been curious.

Well I have heard it's the trashier places, but either way it's not like they can have cameras in there to know...
I didn't ask this question to see what your morals were. Why are you bashing users?


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  • I was in NJ for a concert and afterwards decided to go to a club. It wasn't 5 minutes before I had my first couch dance. A few minutes into the fun, the lady asks if I want a blowjob. She told me that it's 200 to go to the private room. I thought about it and declined because she was not all that pretty. 10 minutes later, I'm on the same couch. This time the lady is fine as hell. She also offers a blowjob. I took her up on the offer. For 200, we went to the vip room. First she Gave me a lap dance with lots of touching. I liked her breasts and fingered her. Then she excused herself to get a condom. She came back and proceeded to undo my pants. Then she used her mouth to apply the condom and went to town. She was an expert, humming and deep throating. After a few minutes, she came up for air and I seized the opportunity to, tell her to climb on. She told me that for 200 she would. I agreed. She then told me to bend her over. 5 minutes of doggie and I'm done. She cleaned me up and lead me to the atm. Knowing I'd already withdrawn 400 that evening, I mistyped my pin and got away without tipping. I saved 200 and have memories that will last a lifetime.


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  • umm yea a lot of people think it can't happen but I have worked in two different clubs (not nasty hole in the walls) and it happens. I have had sex with I think 7 guys in the vip or couch. Every night there is at least 10 guys that ask me that question and this is what I tell them take the price of the vip and triple it and you will get your answer. of course I don't f*** dirty old men I get enough from them from regular lapdances. but a real hot young guy with the money and its a sure thing. the only thing is that our guys (bouncers) have to check up by law or whatever every so often so if they catch us we have to give them half of the money. its a little game we have going on kinda. so to answer your question, yes most of us do it for enough money. think about it. vip is 200 at my club so that's 600 plus the 200 initial amount.

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      So you're a prostitute?

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      I really don't care what these people say, get your money. I'm no prostitute and I don't really support it, but be careful :). Don't let no one tell you shit and don't take no shit xD!

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      @xxangel1990xx Being judgmental gets you nowhere because holier than thou attitudes are fake. Everyone has skeletons in their closet. By the way, everyone is a prostitute. For enough money people would do anything in that is a lot more than just sex. That reminds me of a joke. A guy goes up to a girl in a bar and says would you have sex with me for $2 million. The gross as you probably. The guys is have a $10. The girl answers, "what you think I am." The guy replies, "well your prostitute which is bargaining price."