Strippers and men......What really happens in VIP rooms?

I have heard stories of people getting head, hand jobs, serious touching (as in fingering...) on and on. Basically things that would most definitely be considered cheating if he were in a relationship. So do these things really happen for a little extra cash or at all? Men tell me your... Show More

Well I have heard it's the trashier places, but either way it's not like they can have cameras in there to know...
I didn't ask this question to see what your morals were. Why are you bashing users?

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  • umm yea a lot of people think it can't happen but I have worked in two different clubs (not nasty hole in the walls) and it happens. I have had sex with I think 7 guys in the vip or couch. Every night there is at least 10 guys that ask me that question and this is what I tell them take the price of the vip and triple it and you will get your answer. of course I don't f*** dirty old men I get enough from them from regular lapdances. but a real hot young guy with the money and its a sure thing. the only thing is that our guys (bouncers) have to check up by law or whatever every so often so if they catch us we have to give them half of the money. its a little game we have going on kinda. so to answer your question, yes most of us do it for enough money. think about it. vip is 200 at my club so that's 600 plus the 200 initial amount.

    • So you're a prostitute?

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    • Really? your telling me I have no self respect? your an asshole and I bet you a stack that you have been to a strip club before and enjoyed it,

    • I really don't care what these people say, get your money. I'm no prostitute and I don't really support it, but be careful :). Don't let no one tell you shit and don't take no shit xD!