Why was his sperm looking green ?

he came on the towel and his sperm looked light green now that is scary and is it normal for it to be watery some times and some times it is thick.

so I had him put on a condom went to the bathroom and checked out his sperm again it is not lite green no more it was whit SO I don't know now I am really confused I am going to the doc just to be on the safe side and get checked.


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  • It's totally normal. It probably mixed with a little urine there, OR he had urinated earlier and was dehydrated. Pee can look very yellow or even greenish if you are dehydrated.

    In terms of consistency - It has A LOT to do with when the last time he came because lets just face it... there's some build up. (ahem)

    It also has to do with diet. Eating healthy foods and sweet fruit juices (pineapple) can change the consistency, amount, and actually taste too. Fatty fried foods, alcohol and other things can change taste too.

    So, there ya go. If you want your man to be healthy - tell him he'll get more wild play in bed if he's more ...well, yummy. =)

    - Random guy

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      No, that is not normal. Yours must be like that too. Something is very wrong. All sperm is white and if its a different color, he's either unclean or got an std. Yes a little urine can come out when a guy comes but not noticeable nor green. Pee is not even green. So he's definitely nasty down there.

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      If you believe this is NORMAL and you have the same issue then I would have to tell you you also need a check-up.