Why was his sperm looking green ?

he came on the towel and his sperm looked light green now that is scary and is it normal for it to be watery some times and some times it is thick.

so I had him put on a condom went to the bathroom and checked out his sperm again it is not lite green no more it was whit SO I don't know now I am really confused I am going to the doc just to be on the safe side and get checked.


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  • It's totally normal. It probably mixed with a little urine there, OR he had urinated earlier and was dehydrated. Pee can look very yellow or even greenish if you are dehydrated.

    In terms of consistency - It has A LOT to do with when the last time he came because lets just face it... there's some build up. (ahem)

    It also has to do with diet. Eating healthy foods and sweet fruit juices (pineapple) can change the consistency, amount, and actually taste too. Fatty fried foods, alcohol and other things can change taste too.

    So, there ya go. If you want your man to be healthy - tell him he'll get more wild play in bed if he's more ...well, yummy. =)

    - Random guy

    • No, that is not normal. Yours must be like that too. Something is very wrong. All sperm is white and if its a different color, he's either unclean or got an std. Yes a little urine can come out when a guy comes but not noticeable nor green. Pee is not even green. So he's definitely nasty down there.

    • If you believe this is NORMAL and you have the same issue then I would have to tell you you also need a check-up.

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  • If it smells off, it could be pus from an infection. It could be food coloring. It could be too many wheat grass shakes.

    A doc would have better answers than this. Have him see one.

  • Please realize you wee looking at his "semen" His sperm is a very, very small part of that. It is possible that the lighting was strange when you first saw it. You took the second shot into the bathroom to look at and the lighting is almost always different and brighter. It is unlikely that it is anything serious, but he should probably get it checked. There is no reason for you to get checked now. If he is cleared the you are fine. If there is a problem with him, it may be of the kind that would not be a problem for you. And if he does have a problems and it could be a problem for you, then is the time for you to get checked.

  • hes a reptilian...RUN! he's a shape shifter...RUN!

  • I hope you haven't touched it before.


    i. Verde Glasonimasty def. Characterized by green or brown ejaculatory discharge. Commonly a symptom of an immune system deficiency resulting in the white blood cells's inability to neutralize viral cells within the testicle. Green or brown coloration indicates premature cell death and breakdown of the uraethral lining. Associated with early symptoms of Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

    He has AIDS. Get Tested!

    heh.. naw I'm just kidding..

    or am I?

    Ok, no really. I'm just kidding. It's probably fine. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Not absolutely sure I agree with the answer below, it could be an infection so you may want to get tested. Sometimes my sperm takes on a dark yellowish color. It could be the lighting in the room, florescent lights will often cause proteins to take on odd colors. His jiz should be cream-grey-yellowish in normal light.

    The thickness/thinness thing is kind of normal. Often depends on how long it's been since the last ejaculate.

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  • wow he has too be sick cause sperm is white and yes sometimes its watery and sometimes thick but never green eewww..

  • His sperm is contaminated. Do not give him any oral until he gets checked out and you see the results and use a condom. Protect yourself first.

  • He has gonorrhea..

    • Whoever disagreed is a complete retard. Green discharge or sperm is def. an std. go get checked!!!

  • He should consider going to the doctor's that might be an infection of some sort. You also might want to get tested just to be on the safe side.

  • He could possibly have a STD

    He should see a doctor.

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