Why would he shake?

What does it mean if a guy's legs are shaking or twitching while making out. He was having an erection too.


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  • It's just something that happens. Sometimes my leg stretches out when I get a particularly monstrous erection. Only when I get the kind of erection that is way bigger and harder than usual, only if I'm laying down when it happens, and even then it's not every time. Yes it twitches a little bit. I'm thinking you probably had him really going there. Good for you.


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  • when he shakes its a way of letting u know ur in control, ur the master and He's ur man slave. Next time he shakes give him a hj and start sucking his nipple see if he likes that. If he starts shaking call him a little bisch, he'll love it! Make him cum on his chest and clean it up himself. Like a bauss

  • Just a reaction, like when you scare someone and they jump. My boyfriends leg used to shake when we first started touching each others privates. It will most likely stop after you two get used to having that sort of contact (making out) so unless its shaking so much that its hurting him or its really uncomfortable for you, you shouldn't worry about it

    • Are you a guy? No prob if you are, but I haven't seen many gay guys post around here.

    • No. I'm a girl. I don't know why my profile says I'm a guy :S

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  • Just means he loves every part of you and all of you make him aroused to the point his legs are shaking plus just like us nerves in guys legs start twitching just like when we get aroused and our arousal area gets seen to a lot and is highly aroused by someone, our legs start shaking too lol, you make his whole being die for you completely lol. Oh and the term rabbit-kicking cracked me up, thanks for that gravygirl lol.

  • This is normal. My boyfriend does the same thing. When he gets really turned on he starts rabbit-kicking.

  • its just because he is so turned on by u. I also learned (from a guy that started shaking) that it might happen if he's trying really hard not to come. just like if you were to try to grip something so hard ur arm would shake. I shouldn't be anything to worry about and if it was I wouldn't know what it would be.

    • I thought there was something wrong with him or he didn't like it or something

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    • Yup, that'll do it... a guy being super turned on to the girl that he can't control himself. A guy like that will probably come way too fast so he's really trying to hold back. Good answer!

    • Ok thanks. he has stopped doing that now though

  • That means he's a happy camper lol! =)

  • normal response to you...