What do guys mean when they say " you look like you would have some good pussy"?

Question says it all! A lot of guys have tole me that and I was wondering like why would they think that when they have never seen it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • LOL, this one made me laugh so loud.

    It's just an expression, something you say to a girl you're familiar with. Instead of saying the usuall "Oh you look hot.." .. "you look beautifull.. " blah blah blah. I don't say it though. Mine is "You look like so f***tastic".

    In my years, I don't think there is a good and bad pussy, there's just the good smelling and the bad smelling kind. At least in my opinion.

    But thanks for making me laugh :)

    This made me crack up: "I was wondering like why would they think that when they have never seen it?"... classic! You sound such an innocent girly. hehe

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What Guys Said 3

  • It means he wants to f*** you. That's a weird thing to say I've never heard anything like that before.

  • Haha, what? Man, that's crazy, I have never heard anyone say that before, lol. It probably just means that they want to get in your pants. I mean, it sure seems like that. Thanks for making me laugh my ass off, hahahha :D


What Girls Said 5

  • they are essentially saying that you have a hot body and would like to see your pussy. as in, "I wanna f*** you". might I suggest not just taking that sh*t from guys? because if they feel like they can say that to you, they don't think very highly of you/ don't have any respect for you.

    • For sure, a guy would are say it only to a girl he is super familiar with. I would dare say it only to one of my best buddies as a joke. Otherwise it is a disrespect to any girl who is told that.

  • they want to get you in bed...kind of obvious

  • it means they wanna f*** you

  • hahah this got me so weak! SO funny,it means they wanna f***

  • It means that they are very young! I don't know one man that would ever say that to a woman they actually respected or wanted a relationship with. My suggestion would be to start hanging out with men not boys.