Is it wrong if men wear women's g strings and short shorts?

Is it wrong if a man wears women's short shorts and g strings for comfort around the house. also how do I tell my mom about the short shorts are they worse or better then telling ur mom about g strings because I already told her about the g strings she already knows .but the problem is that I got the short shorts from a neighbors bag for charity but I replaced them with some of my clothing so i am still worried the way i am 100 percent straight i am a male 16 years old from canada also if you were dating a guy who wore these would you dump him

i wear them for comfort I love having small hips cause I can rock the hips and ass ia xs or 0 or size 1 but i am a size zero 6 foot two male


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  • I'd ask if you could be a transsexual, but then people would accuse me of being a bitch.

    I don't really see the issue. I mean, I'm a chick and I own a pair of boxer briefs, that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian, I just wear them when it gets hot.

    Yeah, hell, why not. Rock the G string if you got the ass for it.

    I wouldn't wear them around a chick though...

    I mean, I've never had the experience of a man wearing a thong around me, so it would be a little awkward. Most chicks will probably assume your gay if they see you wearing them, unless you find a VERY understanding woman. And yes, they do exist.

    • Hell, with that kind of figure, you can rock the G string.

      No complaints on my end.

    • 2mo

      I love wearing thongs and cute panties and it doesn't define my sexuality.

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  • it;s neither wrong nor right. it;s just what you like

  • Personally I can understand the short shorts, but the g string... I dunno man. I definitely don't know any 16 year old guys that wear g strings. Short shorts are ok cause they free up the legs, but personally, I think that the g string is freeing up TO much leg. I guess if that's what you like, don't stop but be careful who you tell about that, because that's some information that will get you ripped apart in high school.

  • thats just kinda weird bro I don't know.

    you'll probably eventually start wearing bras and pantyhose

  • I think you like wearing those because of ur teen hormone. Normally, do not you feel uncomfortable because of ur balls?

    Tell me do you have a lot of acne( I am asking this, because it relates to hormone)

  • Short shorts - not a problem. I wear them all the time, even in public. Most of the shorts I own have actually been bought in the woman's department in stores. I have never had a problem and have received complements from women. My wife has no problem with that. As I write this I am wearing a pair of denim-look shorts with a 2" inseam and I've just got back from grocery shopping. G-string - I see a problem if they are women's g-strings (simply because of space - that small triangle cannot work as a pouch . But, they make g-strings and thongs for men. I also wear these - though in public I have the shorts over them. In the house I regularly go about in a thong and t-shirt. Short shorts, g-string or thong made for a man - No problem in my book. I will add - I am heterosexual and, relating to an earlier reply, I have no fears about "progressing" to become a trans-sexual or cross dresser. As far as I am concerned, I am a man and I wear man's clothes.

  • I have several pairs of Nike Tempo running shorts that are sold in the women's section and prefer them as I prefer shorter shorts for walking, running and casual outings... I don't see an issue and it is ultimately up to you.

  • All it is, is a piece of cloth sewn together, really that is it. Rember 150 to 200 years, men Always wore wigs, skirts, etc., and that were judges. Some countries still do.

    To me what you do around the house, to unwind, to relax, to release stress from studies or work, is only between you and your shadow. Nobody else needs to know, and if they do by mistake or chance, tell them there are worse things you can do. I am 100% lesbian, straight male as only can go with women, I like only women. So what you wear does not make you gay at all - though many people would like to say it does, just to make their life easier. Gay is having sex, loving, etc with someone of the same sex. So what you wear around the house has nothing to do. In fact, my wife loves when I dress up, including 8 inch platforms. I feel like cleaning the house better, can reach places that could not without high-platforms, and generally do a better job cleaning. MY wife loves it, but if I gain 1 kg, well, then hell falls. So enjoy yourself, and have fun, unwind, and relax. Your time is yours only.

  • I'm 100% straight and I wear thongs and g strings so I don't see a problem