Is it wrong if men wear women's g strings and short shorts?

Is it wrong if a man wears women's short shorts and g strings for comfort around the house. also how do I tell my mom about the short shorts are they worse or better then telling ur mom about g strings because I already told her about the g strings she already knows .but the problem is that I got the short shorts from a neighbors bag for charity but I replaced them with some of my clothing so i am still worried the way i am 100 percent straight i am a male 16 years old from canada also if you were dating a guy who wore these would you dump him

i wear them for comfort I love having small hips cause I can rock the hips and ass ia xs or 0 or size 1 but i am a size zero 6 foot two male


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  • I'd ask if you could be a transsexual, but then people would accuse me of being a bitch.

    I don't really see the issue. I mean, I'm a chick and I own a pair of boxer briefs, that doesn't mean I'm a lesbian, I just wear them when it gets hot.

    Yeah, hell, why not. Rock the G string if you got the ass for it.

    I wouldn't wear them around a chick though...

    I mean, I've never had the experience of a man wearing a thong around me, so it would be a little awkward. Most chicks will probably assume your gay if they see you wearing them, unless you find a VERY understanding woman. And yes, they do exist.

    • Hell, with that kind of figure, you can rock the G string.

      No complaints on my end.

    • 1mo

      I love wearing thongs and cute panties and it doesn't define my sexuality.

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  • it;s neither wrong nor right. it;s just what you like

  • Personally I can understand the short shorts, but the g string... I dunno man. I definitely don't know any 16 year old guys that wear g strings. Short shorts are ok cause they free up the legs, but personally, I think that the g string is freeing up TO much leg. I guess if that's what you like, don't stop but be careful who you tell about that, because that's some information that will get you ripped apart in high school.

  • thats just kinda weird bro I don't know.

    you'll probably eventually start wearing bras and pantyhose

  • I think you like wearing those because of ur teen hormone. Normally, do not you feel uncomfortable because of ur balls?

    Tell me do you have a lot of acne( I am asking this, because it relates to hormone)

  • Short shorts - not a problem. I wear them all the time, even in public. Most of the shorts I own have actually been bought in the woman's department in stores. I have never had a problem and have received complements from women. My wife has no problem with that. As I write this I am wearing a pair of denim-look shorts with a 2" inseam and I've just got back from grocery shopping. G-string - I see a problem if they are women's g-strings (simply because of space - that small triangle cannot work as a pouch . But, they make g-strings and thongs for men. I also wear these - though in public I have the shorts over them. In the house I regularly go about in a thong and t-shirt. Short shorts, g-string or thong made for a man - No problem in my book. I will add - I am heterosexual and, relating to an earlier reply, I have no fears about "progressing" to become a trans-sexual or cross dresser. As far as I am concerned, I am a man and I wear man's clothes.

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