Dildos for virgin?

Ok I am a virgin and I am pretty horny to be honest. I was thinking about buying a dildo/vibrator to help my sexual pleasure. If I use the dildo a lot (lets say), when I go into the real thing of sex, will it hurt still? Any help will be appreciated.


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  • Go for it. Vaginas are incredibly elastic and snap back to their natural size within hours/a day of sex. Learning about yourself and what gets you off is really important to your future sex life. If you don't know how to get yourself off, how will you be able to help someone else do so?

    Sex won't be as painful the first time you have it, mostly because you'll already know what to expect and your hymen is already broken. My first time didn't hurt at all, and I had never used a vibrator or dildo beforehand. My suggestion would be to get a vibrator/dildo (shaped like a penis, but it vibrates) because it will be more versatile and because 80% of women need clitoral stimulation (rather than just penetration) to get off.

    Explore and enjoy!

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      Would it be wrong for me to get one or not? Like I do want to explore myself and instead of trying to really see what sex is all about, instead of going to have a one night stand for it.

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      Do what YOU want. Don't spend your time worrying about what guys will think all the time. Trust me, it's a huge waste of time when it comes to personal matters like that. Some guys won't approve, some guys will think it's hot, some guys won't care. You can never please everyone all the time, so why not say screw it, and just please yourself? Think about it.

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      Thats very true. Hahaha I am not trying to please them anyways, so they need to deal with it. I am pleasing myself lol. Thanks!!