Girls which condoms do you like?

For a guy I know that no condom, feels a whole lot more sensitive..

but as far as a type of condom feeling good for the girl..

is there any condom that adds any type of pleasure for a girl?

I know there's ribbed and thin and so on...but do those condoms really help pleasure a girl?


Most Helpful Girl

  • get birth control for serious boyfriends...but if it's just casual birthcontrol AND condom...i hate the trojan brand..they never stay lubricated. but I really enjoy the durex brand, especially the ribbed and female pleasure one...sometimes though when it comes down to it and you haven't had sex in doesn't matter what kind of condom you wear, getting him inside you is all that's on your mind...

    we always use condoms on quickies...if you're getting real hot and heavy fast...pull out method isn't a good choice...especially if you get excited easily!