Do guys like it when a girl screams/moans really loudly during sex?

i recently had sex with my boyfriend and I actually screamed really loudly...he seemed completely turned on by it...but I always wondered is that with all guys...and if so then why?


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  • Yeah its hot when I'm pounding out a girl so hard and she's moaning loud. It actually makes me go faster and rougher.


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  • it shows that you are enjoying it and that it is going both ways... just don't overdo it because then it gets scary as sh*t

  • definitely yes

  • I say yes..because it let's him know he's getting the job done.. but.. I don't think you should just do it just cuz.. don't fake it...

    if you're a screamer or moaner.. then good.. =]

  • That is an utter YES, it makes me feel good to know they are moaning in pleasure xD. Let's you know ur doing a good job :)

  • Well I'll tell you why. Its all about feedback you screaming and moaning lets us know. That you are enjoying what ever action we are performing and that we are doing a good job at it. That in its self is a major turn on for myself and just a bout every other guy out there.

    • Ok thanks...that helped

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