Why do guys like to slap a girls' butts so much during sex?

my boyfriend loves to slap my ass during sex...so guys why? and why so much?...i personally love the hard slaps but I'm just curious what the guys are thinking..while they are doing it?


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  • do you slap him back? personally I don't like to slap her. it is seen in about every porn too. many guys simply think doing things that guys do in porn is how it should be... what does your guy tell you when you ask him the same question?

    • He just said...its likea reflex or something...lol but I like it...

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    • Ya...well I was just wondering why..and do all guys?

    • Maybe all guys you met so far but definitively not all. I'm not on the list for example

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  • Well, I've never done that, and I don't even see the point, so it's not like it's universal...

  • Everyone likes different things, he does that cause it turns him on. Simple as that. Just be happy he doesn't like choking and stuff.

  • because is like a mattress

    and may be its sexy

    i am also like that side

  • um...cause we just like to be sure that were in control sometimes gurls do it to guys

  • its more of a dominance thing


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