How do men act when they are hurt?

How do men act when a female has hurt them? I mean, how do they treat her after that? I am wondering if some of the behaviors I am seeing in someone are a reaction because he is hurt or if he is just being a jerk?


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  • I agree with Just-A-Random-Guy. I also get really introverted. I don't react quite the same way. I will rather not say anything than reply to questions like a jerk - and I generally say nothing anyway. I try to stay out of everyone's way and avoid eye contact. If the hurt was severe, it will show on my face, but generally not. Most of the time, nobody knows I'm hurt until I'm over it.


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  • It all depends on how you hurt him. If you rejected him, then he'll stay away and be pissed. Probably be extremely short with his vocabulary, as the other guys have said here, if you are talking.

    It all really depends on how you hurt him and what your status is with each other. If you don't plan on being around him anyways, I wouldn't dwell on it.

  • If I get hurt EMOTIONALLY I would usually become an introvert, not talking much, responding with snotty comments and being a general all-around jerk. May not sound nice, but neither is being heart-broken. Every guy handles emotional pain differently.

  • I agree. My vocabulary becomes: "Hi", "Yes", "No", "Maybe", "I don't know", "me too", "Of course", "Ok", "Fine", "Bye",. And "Thanks" (education is the first thing LOL)


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