My new guy just hid his Facebook wall posts from he cheating?

I don't mean to be juvenile in thinking that his evasive behavior is "cheating", but I'll leave the decision to all of you: I've been having a long distance relationship for about 4 months. We met on a dating site, and are both still on there. We both have attraction, but we know that until one of... Show More

  • Vote A He blocked everyone from writing/seeing posts for his privacy
  • Vote B He blocked me and is lying about this girl and trying to cover it up
  • Vote C This other girl's posts were harmless, but he is blocking both of us, just in case
  • Vote D He is evasive with you, and wants to see both of you
  • Vote E This behavior is typical of someone who can't be trusted. Dump him.
UPDATE: (18 hrs later). We talked. He says he blocked everyone, and I saw him unblock it. The girl was actually a different internet date, which he told me about in detail. I was assuming the worst, but still, I need to be geographically closer to trust.

Most Helpful Girl

  • There's many other guys out there...sounds like you want an exclusive relationship and he doesn't. Move on.