Can two or more women really share one man?

I've seen shows and read in the paper about 1 man dating or marrying 2 or more women. Can any women out there explain what is really going on here?

Can multiple women really share 1 man and be happy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Haha, when my best friend and I are both crushing on the same guy or have the same celebrity crush, we often jokingly offer to "share" or "take turns. " And there are definitely polyamorous clusters of three or more people that share a closed sexual relationship with each other. I've heard that can be great for certain people, and that those people can be very happy as long as everyone comes in expecting the same thing and they agree not to develop possessive attachments.

    But in the majority of cases, I can't imagine it would work all that well unless you grew up with the idea. For example, there have been tons of cultures around the world where polygyny was the standard, often where one woman is publicly declared the "head" or "favorite" wife, and I'm sure those women could be perfectly happy with that arrangement. In the modern western world, though, I think there would be a lot of tension between the two women, simply because most of us have grown up with the idea that a relationship is for two people only.

    I'm writing all this under the assumption that all people involved know about all other people. Deception in this case would NOT be cool. And of course, bigamy is usually illegal, and bigamy cases almost always involve deception.