"I don't date coworkers." True or just an excuse?

I have liked a guy at work for several months. He seemed into me too; lots of eye contact, smiles, staring and checking me out from across the room, jumping to do me favors, remembers everything I say, cleaned up his office after I said it was too dirty, lightly touching my hand, telling and asking... Show More

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  • I always believe in the philosophy of:"Don't sh*t where you eat!"

    Having said that, I did violate that rule to pursue a coworker.

    I just want to make a couple of comments on your story:

    1, The deleting of formal attachment and replacing it with first name is a move to make the email more personal.

    2. I am a girl shy type and if I get a note from the girl I like with an invitation to call complete with number I will freak out first and then jump with joy after thinking about it. But that's me.