"I don't date coworkers." True or just an excuse?

I have liked a guy at work for several months. He seemed into me too; lots of eye contact, smiles, staring and checking me out from across the room, jumping to do me favors, remembers everything I say, cleaned up his office after I said it was too dirty, lightly touching my hand, telling and asking personal things, constantly walking by my cubicle even though it's out of the way, etc. The people at work who have known him for awhile told me he is girl shy and that I would probably need to be fairly bold.

I left him a note with my phone number stating I liked him and that if he was ever interested too, I hoped he'd call. He emailed me stating he received the note but doesn't date coworkers. His email usually has an generic email signature with his name and his work contact info like his title, work phone, work cell phone, work email, and company web addresses. He deleted all the info except his first name. It’s like he thinks I’m some sort of psychopath that would harass him. The odd thing is I have access to all that info anyway so why bother deleting it?

I have some general policies about types of people I won’t date (but I don’t have a problem with dating coworkers). However, when I am interested in someone I might let go of one of those policies. I have heard that if a guy likes a girl he will make exceptions to all his “policies” to be with her.

For those of you, girls or guys, whose policy is not to date coworkers, would you let go of this policy if you liked someone and they liked you? Or is this just an excuse you use to avoid coming out and saying “I’m not interested” and to avoid hurt feelings and bad blood at work?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I always believe in the philosophy of:"Don't sh*t where you eat!"

    Having said that, I did violate that rule to pursue a coworker.

    I just want to make a couple of comments on your story:

    1, The deleting of formal attachment and replacing it with first name is a move to make the email more personal.

    2. I am a girl shy type and if I get a note from the girl I like with an invitation to call complete with number I will freak out first and then jump with joy after thinking about it. But that's me.