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Does he think I am annoying or not?

this guy I've known practically my whole life, and always had a crush on, use to always look in my direction, and quickly look away when he knew i... Show More

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  • By simply asking this question, I suspect you are. The fact you managed to use almost 3,000 characters to explain your question, confirms it. Try to organize your thoughts and nail down the point in as few words as possible while still sounding like an intelligent human - its a good exercise - I actually had to do this once as an assignment in a honors university-level college English class.

    • I am what?

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    • It amazes me how people go through the effort to ask a question, then generally only go with the answer that makes them feel the best, regardless of its relevance. Ask yourself did you need to use 3K words, or did you just want to "hear" yourself talk.

    • I wasn't trying to hear myself talk, I was explaining the situation because if I left parts out, it could change the perspective. Its a complicated situation

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