What is the SEXIEST thing a girl can do for a guy?

I know some stuff that is really sexy, I just want to switch it up sometimes. Guys are confusing and like new things. So I just want to make sure it's different sometimes.


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  • 1. TEASE your man...make him want you so much and make him wait...then when you finally get down to it...He wants you more

    2. Be neat ladies...unless he wants it sloppy ;)


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  • Just do it: guys like girls who want sex. Showing you really want sex is very sexy.


    • Me too:

      Update: Just realized you are under 18, Disregard what I said.

  • You're only 16! I think you should wait, especially in US it being illegal, it's ok in UK actually so er

    Ask him what he likes, find his fetish, it might not be weird but he'll have something that turns him on

    • It's not illegal. Only if he is more than three years older.

    • American laws are so confusing lol federal state and local wtf! here there is one set of laws for everyone, anyway as I said, find out what he likes by asking,

  • Depends on the guy really but personally I'd love a woman to initiate sex in a public place, do it sneakily trying not to get caught, whisper some things in his ear, its a thrill and its intimate cause it's a secret!

    • Update: Just realized you are under 18, Disregard what I said.

  • one of the sexiest thing my girlfriend ever did for me was when we were sitting in this little place in the park and no one was around and she just started making out wit me and she gave me a blow job right there that made my day.


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  • At 16 go study or you will never get into college!

    • Whatever. I'm fine with school.

  • In all honesty, i think that guys like turning girls on... Cuz then they get turned on and it makes things really sexy:)

  • Little girl, you need to concentrate on your school work and not what's "sexy".

    • Yep I'll sure get on that.