Delete Ex-boyfriend from Facebook?

I want to 100% get over him. I have made such an improvement with moving on. I've started my life over, transferred to a University, and focusing on my life...

Now, will deleting him off Facebook seem immature? Will it show that I still somewhat care?

I've gotten lots of advice that deleting him will be the best option - best way to get over him and move on. Checking up on him time-to-time is NOT healthy and will only spark up old feelings.

What are your thoughts?


It's been a year since we broke up. Haven't spoken to each other, at all. Haven't seen him. Is it stupid that I delete him NOW?
Thanks for the advice... He's officially off my friend's list.


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  • mmmh... this may be a very dumb comment, especially if you're trying to move on, but what if you asked him first if you could delete him, saying you don't wanna seem like you're mad at him but it's just easier this way to move on.

    I still have my last ex in my Facebook friends and luckily she doesn't go online all that much but when I saw pictures of her and her new boyfriend I seriously asked myself whether or not I shouldn't just send her a message and say that I'm sorry and that I don't want to seem rude but that I think not being friends on Facebook is a good solution. You just need to see it as how you handle it in real life. You don't see him in real life, because it's healthier. The same would apply on Facebook so not being friends could just mean you don't want to have info about him when you're trying to get him out of your heart.

    • I appreciate your comment but definitely not a good idea... this guy can be a total asshole. He's full of pride. It makes me really sad that he's like that but you can't change people. If I ask him if I can delete him he'd probably just laugh in my face about it (it's been a year since we broke up). You're right though, not seeing him in real life has been very healthy for me. Same goes for not speaking to him. Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate it.

    • Oh, so in this case, then yeah you can delete him lol. If he's an asshole then it's about time you do it anyway! And it will help you move on better.

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  • I don't think you should be worried about looking stupid, it doesn't matter. I think you should focus on being sure it doesn't hurt him though, I mean if one day I looked for my ex on Facebook and realized she deleted me, I would be asking myself a lot of questions and it would hurt, I think.

    If you think that's how you can move on, then do it and don't think about how you will look. However if you do, what I'm saying is don't hurt his feelings. Do it by seeing the situation under the opposite angle, how would you feel if he deleted you just like that?

    • I definitely see your point... it would bring up lots of questions in my mind if my ex deleted me now, a year after we break up and wonder why he didn't just do it a year ago..

      And in this situation, I was the one who broke up with him and he was really hurt (to him it was sudden and didn't see it coming). I have blocked him from AIM which feels nice..and on FB just changed my settings so I wouldn't see any of his posts..

    • If I delete him, might as well delete his 2 best friends, too (I don't communicate with them anyway, and one of them doesn't even like me, for no reason... he's a jerk, too). I know it would hurt/p*ss him off if I deleted him and kept his asshole best friend... he, too, knows how much of an ass his best friend could be..

  • Delete him.


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  • delete him. who cares?

  • If it would help you delete him. It REALLY doesn't matter what he thinks. He probably won't even really notice to be honest, its not like its going to announce it on his feed.

    • Thanks. I deleted him and honestly it has helped. I'm glad that I did so and stopped putting so much thought and emphasis into it.

  • If you want to I say go for it

  • When I want to get over him, I completely wipe it all out .. Phone number gets deleted, any websites that I can contact him on he's gone .. Out of sight out of mind

  • hey I just googled this same question. And I have one for you. Did he asked you why you deleted him, I mean has be had contact with you what's so ever after y did it?

    • No, haven't talked to him in almost a year. Never contacted him again. He never asked.

      Deleting EXs off from Facebook really helps if you're looking to really get over him/her! =]

    • Oh wow ! I just deleted him.. and it feels good but I'm still shocked that I did

  • Delete him, make "moving on" complete and rid yourself of him. You won't have to see his update and he won't be able to see yours. I deleted my ex and it felt liberating.

  • he probably won't even notice if you did. you don't think you need to put so much thought into it. just do it.