I only see my boyfriend once a week.

if you're boyfriend is taking 4 college courses (so time for homework and studying) and goes to police school four times a week (4 hrs at night 2 times a week and 8 hrs during the day 2 times a week) and you only saw him once a week, would you be concerned?


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  • My last GFs went Michelle - Jessica - Michelle (again). The "Jessica incident" was due to university.

    Basically, I was going out with Michelle, but between my uni courses, her uni courses, my placements, her placements, and work; we started seeing less and less of each other. Michelle suggested Jessica and I should hang out, as neither of us had a lot of friends, and we both liked the same movies etc. I eventually cheated (kiss) on Michelle, but by that point it was pretty amicable and there wasn't to many hurt feelings.

    Jessica and I went out for about a year, but Jessica knew I still loved Michelle; and behind my back was talking to Michelle about it, me etc. One day out of the blue she 'dumped' me, but had arranged for Michelle and I to get back together.

    Yes, the whole thing was a bit weird!

    My point is yes, not seeing them for a while can be a concern, and can defiantly strain a relationship. However, if you love your BF, you'd be surprised what you can make work.

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  • I don't understand what you would be concerned about.

    • Well sine he gave you fair warning, the best you can do is continue to support him and empathize with him. If you're happy with the relationship and want to stay with him, just understand what you've signed up for (at least at this point in his life). I'd recommend seeking out other things that make you happy (friends, family, hobbies, interests, etc.) as well as coming up with creative ways to make the limited time you spend with your boyfriend even more special. Best of luck.

    • He didn't really have much of a reaction. he heard me out. he once again said nothing is wrong and that he warned me before this all started that he wasn't going to be seeing me as much (which is true he said that a lot before this) .

    • I see. Well, his hectic schedule, as you described it, would obviously make it hard. I can't even handle a schedule like that in my life, and if I did I'd be lucky if I could see a girlfriend once every 2 weeks. If you really trust him, know that he cares about you and try your best to see things from his perspective. If you're having trust issues, tell him calmly honestly how you feel about things and gauge his reaction. If he reacts well, he can empathize. The best of luck to you.

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  • i'm kind of the same. only.

    he works M-F from 7:30am-5pm.

    me M-F from 3pm-11pm. So I rarely see him.

    Once a week at least...

    but then again -- we've only been dating for nearly 4 months.

    and I don't believe we're BF/GF yet, if we are we haven't talked about it, lol.

    Communication is key.

    Even though I see him at least 1-2 times a week. We talk about 3-4 times a week.

    Hope that helps.

    At least he's doing stuff, school, etc...

  • Not at all, this is what my current relationship is like and if anything it makes the relationship more special because you can really appreciate the time that you spend together :)

  • As long as at the end of the day, you know you have his heart. Don't be concerned. Its just going to be a rough time period right now with how you aren't able to see him that much. But don't be worried, or you will waste away a lot of time on unneccesary worriment. Just take it day by day, and week by week.

  • No, not at all, the guy is working and studying super hard! If you can't trust him...well maybe you need to talk about that, with him... but I would not doubt him at all... so don't worry about it. :) unless of course, you have reason to.

    Good luck, and have some trust for the guy...not all guys are jerks... ;)

  • No becuase he is making the best time he can to see you and you know that he is at a busy point in his life. He is working on his education and his career and your gonna need to be understanding of that and appreciate the time he does give you. I know you want more becuase you miss him but right now, support him and be patient.