I only see my boyfriend once a week.

if you're boyfriend is taking 4 college courses (so time for homework and studying) and goes to police school four times a week (4 hrs at night 2 times a week and 8 hrs during the day 2 times a week) and you only saw him once a week, would you be concerned?


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  • My last GFs went Michelle - Jessica - Michelle (again). The "Jessica incident" was due to university.

    Basically, I was going out with Michelle, but between my uni courses, her uni courses, my placements, her placements, and work; we started seeing less and less of each other. Michelle suggested Jessica and I should hang out, as neither of us had a lot of friends, and we both liked the same movies etc. I eventually cheated (kiss) on Michelle, but by that point it was pretty amicable and there wasn't to many hurt feelings.

    Jessica and I went out for about a year, but Jessica knew I still loved Michelle; and behind my back was talking to Michelle about it, me etc. One day out of the blue she 'dumped' me, but had arranged for Michelle and I to get back together.

    Yes, the whole thing was a bit weird!

    My point is yes, not seeing them for a while can be a concern, and can defiantly strain a relationship. However, if you love your BF, you'd be surprised what you can make work.