Why does a guy call a girl "Buddy"??

I really like this guy that I work with and I have tried talking to him, but football is the only common ground I can find to talk about with him. I said hi to him today and he responded with "Hi Buddy!" My name is Becky not Buddy. Does he just think of me as a friend? or do guys just naturally have a hard time saying a girl's name? or did he possibly forget my name? HELP!

Ok, I will clarify things a little bit. Technically he is my boss at work. We work on separate shifts so we don't run into each other unless I go to get food during the day. We only have a few seconds to talk to each other when we do see each other.
I am not sure if he is just being professional or if he is trying to hide deeper feelings. I have seen him do some weird stuff with me that gives me the vibe that he is interested, but am not sure...
he will look at me for a long time out of the corner of his eye. I saw him do a 360 degree turn just to look at me, even though he seemed busy. He gets this really goofy grin when I smile at him, not like the ones he gives to his guy friends. any thoughts


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  • He thinks of you purely as a friend & nothing else. If you go by the dictionary meaning of the word "buddy" then it means "a good friend". He hasn't forgotten your name, this is for your sure. No, guys don't have a hard time in saying name of a girl.

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      Weird stuff ? Hmmm What kind kind of weird stuff ?

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      If he does that every time, he is certainly into you. He likes you.