I don't understand why he won't go out with me

There's this guy who I have known for 4 years now and we have been really good friends the whole time and a couple times we have held hands and... Show More

n.v.m it was a miss communication with him about his birthday. he feels really bad that he didn't talk to me sooner.
He called me +asked to meet right away so he came over to my house +he helped me do some errands, we watched one of the dvd's I got him. When he read my card he pinched my cheek + said how much he loved it. It was awkward saying bye. What does this mean?

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  • well good! But the more you try for him the less he will want you. Guys like a chase! If you start kinda ignoring him, and even better comenting on other guys or showing interst in them. He may just start rethinking how he acts twoards you.