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How to know if she is still thinking about me?

Hey everyone, about 3 months ago my girlfriend broke up with me (reason being I had sh*tty social life and work). For the following month she wanted... Show More

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  • I think you're reading into it too much. And if you're not, don't play into her little game. If she wants to be with you and is thinking about you, she will contact you.

    • Yeah, you are probably right. I am reading into it too much. And even if she was playing games (she used to do it a lot!) I shall not give in.

      Although I think that she would not contact me because when we last spoke I was crazy, and wanted to move in with her ( oh man, I was blind) option that she did not even consider.

      Now instead I am much more settled down and "cool" about me and her and all I would like to do is start slowly from the very beginning...

    • Definitely. If you do want to get her back that is the way to do it. Get back to what brought you two together int he first place. If she broke up with you though you need to be sure she wants it and you're not pushing her into it. Stay strong man. I know how tough it can be.

    • Great jimmajam! thanks for your comment.

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