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How do guys treat the girls that they think have a crush on them? Like if a certain incident happened to show?

See, if a guy gets to know or thinks or imagines a girl is in love with him... and if he is really shy... but used to girls liking him... what do... Show More

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  • Huh well it sounds like he plays with lots of women and you shouldn't expect much. Especially if he is really into being popular and shallow. If he looks at you tallk to him that's all I can say or look at him back. But my real question is why you like him. Isn't it sort of because all the other girls like him and you'd love to have a story for the other girls. all the girls are sort of letting him use them and act like a bunch of peacocks there are plenty of great guys being ignored. Maybe there is a guy who is fat but not ugly that you overlooked. he will never be the popular one in high school the real world changes things

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  • I couldn't look them in the eye. The fact that a girl would like me! Out of all the brilliant and wonderful and funny men, they liked me! I'd be swooning constantly.

  • Of course he'd check you out, he'd strike up conversation with you at random. He'd want to have discussions with you in person, on the phone maybe, over the internet. There is no "test" to see this. Who cares if you're fat. Sometimes fat people are the best, nicest, sweetest people.

    • We don't talk.. like I mentioned.. but you are saying he would do these things to see whether I like him.... or to show me he likes me? THANKS FOR YOur ADVICE THOUGH!!!!! AND about the fat thing... You are really Sweet! Hope all guys think that way.... ;p

    • Yes he would show interest in you in those ways. Sometimes guys are shy, but usually guys do the chasing, and don't like being chased. I am a chubby guy with a heart of gold, so amen!

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