Guys not texting back!

Okay this get's on my nerves SOOO much. Like do they think it's cool or something to wait forever to text you back? Like is it a game to them to make us wait? Honestly, WHAT could you possibly be doing that takes you pretty much exactly 10+ minutes to text you back, for every text?! And I'm not... Show More

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  • The reason why they're texting you and not talking to you on the phone is because they're BUSY. Making a big deal out of it only makes you seem like a clingy psychopath. This is just something YOU are going to have to deal with if you choose to communicate through text rather than picking up a phone and calling each other like actual human beings do.

    • Psychopath? Yeah okay...

      I'm not saying we don't talk on the phone. But whenever we used to text he would always text back right away. Me and him have been on and off being together and now he always takes forever to text back. I know when he is busy and when he isn't.

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    • It's the fact that they say they aren't doing any. But take forever to text you back. It is just frusturating and I want to know if they think it's some kind of game.

      It's almost 2010, like 80% of people hold conversations over text messages now. It has nothing to do with the fact of talking on the phone or texting.

    • I can assure you its no game. Just a simple matter of priorities. Like I said in my comment to blazy's answer I don't even check my texts when I receive them, I usually check it a bit later.