I think a girl in my class likes me - what do I do?

I think a girl in my class likes me, but I don't know if I actually like her or not- so what should I do in this situation?


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  • Get to know her a little better. Then you can decide if you like her or not. She might be really cool

    or really creepy, but you'll never really know if you don't try and get to know her... You don't have

    ask her out on a date, just talk to her a little more in class or sit with her at lunch...

    I hope that might help a little more...

    • That ment to be you DONT have to ask her out on a date

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  • get to know her first, like for example talk to her.. if you still havent. try walking her to her next class.. this way you will get to know her better without having to ask her out since you re not sure about it, if you like her or not!

    or perhaps help each other in your homework or whatever.

    Or you could just go ahead and ask her out.

    The fact that you re asking this question means that you actually like her but not sure if you should or shouldnt ask her out!

    are you a shy guy?

  • First, are you sure she likes you? If your just assuming because she's kind to you, then rethink your beliefs, so many people get niceness and flirtatiousness confused. So as long as your sure she likes you, get to know her more and see if she hass the type of personality your attracted to, as well as physical attraction. In a relationship, you have to be physically attracted to the person too.

  • If you aren't sure about your feelings for her, just don't rush anything. If she likes you, and you aren't sure about anything, than just see if she comes to you. If you ask her if she likes you, she may say yes, and then think you like her. Just wait and see if you like her, and how she acts toward you.


  • Well. If she likes you. She will flirt with you, look at you, and laugh at everything you say. If you like her go for it. do what you think is best. it all depends on the type of person she is. that's why you should get to know her first before trying anything to crazy!

  • Why do you think she likes you? Does she flirt and act interested or is she so shy you think she likes you?

    This sounds familiar to me, to be honest. What kind of class do you have together?


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  • Ask her out. Maybe you’re right or maybe your wrong, ether way you will have known you tried.

  • Feel her up a bit. Or you know, talk to her?